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Live to learn. Educating on how to be a Guardian of your own life through interactive experience.

Give to earn. Harnessing the power of community to help the diffusion of innovation and develop leadership.

TGA focuses on helping to develop amazing humans and removing suffering using the power of Web3.

Hover over the Knowledge Vault or the Member/Curriculum Portal below to start your journey!

Knowledge Vault

A smörgåsbord of knowledge.


Click to access our vault containing resources from the team, partners, and other collaborators in no particular order (all free for you to consume)!

Member/Curriculum Portal

The structured content via the Portal hosted by our partner Tech Tree is the fastest path to becoming a Guardian of The Guardian Academy.

Guardians get direct access to events, live calls, masterminds, and leadership + business development programs.

The first few modules are free for everyone. To access the entirety of the curriculum requires TGA NFTs.

How It Works

“Live to Learn, Give to Earn.”

Wealth is not just about having money, it’s about having a fulfilling and meaningful life. What is fulfilling and meaningful is different for everyone, but the core concepts remain the same: remove suffering from yourself first and then remove suffering from others. The Guardian Academy was built to give you the tools to remove suffering from yourself and then, if you choose, to climb the tiers and become a leader to others. Since TGA is built in a Web3 world, if you choose to climb the tiers you will also learn about crypto, blockchain, and Web3 as a byproduct of your journey.

Live to Learn

Begin consuming and experiencing

Step 1: Consume Free Content to Learn

Peruse the knowledge vault, watch our free videos, listen to the podcast, start the free curriculum, or dive into the Capstone projects created by Guardians of TGA. Wealth starts with understanding ourselves and asking the basic questions: what do I want? how do I get it? do I need to invest? if so, into what?

Step 2: Join the Community for Collective Momentum

Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives, deep dialogue, and people willing to support and challenge you. The Wolf Pack tier of The Guardian Academy is a community of like-minded, purpose-driven individuals dedicated to asking better questions, helping give better answers, and sharing resources.

Give to Earn

Transition from a consumer to a producer

Step 3: Step into Leadership

Graduating to the Wolf Pack Leader tier signals a commitment to becoming a better leader: to yourself, to your team, and to the people that matter. Wolf Pack Leaders are introduced to industry leaders, advanced leadership, financial and mindset trainings.

Step 4: Transition to Contribution

The highest tier in The Guardian Academy is Guardian tier. In order to become a Guardian, a Wolf Pack Leader must submit a capstone project that is deemed to be a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge. You can see the capstone project submissions here.

To reward contribution, Guardians get access to special events, Guardian-only calls, and AMAs.

Through this process, we hope to educate as many people as possible while empowering them and giving them the tools to go out into the world and do the same.

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Live to learn, give to earn.