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A Multi-Tool Called “Discernment”: A Personal Toolbox Power Up

Jan 2, 2023 | Capstones & Spotlight

This is a Capstone project by Greg, a Guardian tier member within The Guardian Academy (TGA), who is also Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) holder #12. A capstone is one of the requirements necessary for an individual to complete on their journey to ascend to the final tier of TGA, Guardian. If you wish to learn more about the details of the Capstone project there will be a link at the bottom.

In his video Capstone, Greg shows how TGA principles can be used as a personal toolbox power up. He gives you the framework on how he uses this toolbox to be able to help himself discern the best move forward. In a world full of uncertainty, having tools to be able to help you make decisions that can get you closer to what you truly want is invaluable. Have a listen to his project and if you found it valuable be sure to let him and us know through Twitter or in TGA discord community.



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