Accessing Polygon Network

Dec 22, 2022 | Web3

This will be a directory to help new and experienced Web3 investors (who might not be familiar) be able to access the Polygon Network.

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    You Have A Web3 Wallet

    Great! There are a number of Web3 wallets out there, but to keep this article relatively short and concise we will only be covering MetaMask. The steps for adding the Polygon Network will be similar across the other wallets.

    Polygon Network Integration With MetaMask

    Polygon has already created an easy to read tutorial with two ways you can add their network onto your MetaMask.

    1. Direct through
    2. Adding the network manually.

    You can access the tutorials here:

    You Don’t Have A Web3 Wallet

    There will be two routes that The Guardian Academy (TGA) recommends if you are trying to access the Polygon Network for the first time.

    1. Sequence Wallet: Fastest, easiest, and safest for beginners or first time web3 participants.
    2. MetaMask- The most common.

    We recommend these two because they are easy to troubleshoot and can both be accessed with desktop easily.

    Sequence Wallet

    Wolf Pup #0 wrote about the Sequence Wallet in an article “Exploring The Future Of Web 3 With Sequence Wallet Tech.”

    You can read that article here.

    The Sequence Wallet will give you an easy to navigate, non-custodial wallet with multi-chain support. It allows you to access the wallet via couple different familiar options such as (email, social media login, with no blockchain knowledge required). While eliminating the need for the user to understand blockchain that doesn’t mean it isn’t on the blockchain.

    Sequence Wallet is a Smart Contract that is deployed on the blockchain and which can be controlled by multiple private keys. These keys are meant to be controlled by the wallet owner and provide added security since more than one of these keys would need to be compromised for the wallet to be compromised.

    If you’d like to learn more you can visit their documentation here.

    How To Install Sequence Wallet

    Here is the website:

    Be sure to to add 2FA to your email accounts/social media if you are using this to login with your Sequence Wallet. As your logins to those platforms are your keys to your Sequence Wallet and the risks of hacks come from someone else gaining access to those accounts. We do a deeper dive on safety and security best practices, which will be linked at the bottom of the article, but you can also utilize this guide from Sequence Wallet if you are looking to just set up 2FA on your platforms.


    This is what many would consider the most common wallet for integration with blockchain technology and Web3. It requires more knowledge about the interactions of blockchain and you will need more steps/applications in order to onboard your money to get started in the Web3 world.

    Learn More About MetaMask

    How To Install MetaMask

    Safety & Security In DeFi

    After installing a wallet there are some other considerations you should take into account to best protect your assets when dealing with anything on Web3. Similar to not logging into your bank account in a publicly used computer and or telling your username and password to your account, Web3 has its own dos and don’ts. We have compiled some of what we believe are the best practices in our master document to help keep you and your funds safer when interacting in the Web3 world.

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