Are You Moving In The Direction That You Want In Your Life?

Jan 5, 2023 | Capstones & Spotlight

This is a Capstone Project from a member within The Guardian Academy (TGA). A capstone is one of the requirements necessary for an individual to complete on their journey to ascend to the final tier of TGA, Guardian. To learn more about what a Capstone Project is I’ll leave a link at the bottom.

In his video Capstone David covers how a shift in his perspective was able to make positive momentous waves that could be seen in all aspects of his life. He also covers his Solvable Problem™, macro belief, and how he’s set up his own bumpers to be able to keep time and randomness on his side. Check out the video below and we will leave David’s socials at the bottom if you wish to connect further with him.

Could The Misery Of Uncertainty Become The Ecstasy Of Not-Knowing?

Following the submission of his Guardian Capstone, David continued to produce content, embodying “Live to Learn, Give to Earn.” Here is an additional video he’s provided to TGA community.

Use The Power Of Your Visions

This video was inspired by Dan Nicholson’s speech from Gray Wolf Summit. He talked about how we tend to stay committed to things even though they might not be of most importance to us any longer.

David said that after hearing this concept it helped him tremendously with how he approaches the Solvable Problem™. Not as something to define once and for all, but as a question he continuously comes back to, as new information arises. Give this a listen and let him know what you think. Did it help you?


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What is a Capstone?

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