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If you're here, you're probably wondering the Arena is and what makes it different from all the other information and education floating around out there.

First, it's not more information or classroom style education.

We put as much information and education out for free as we can. You can find it in our knowledge center. If that's not sufficient, you'll find hundreds of thosuands of hours of really great free resources on the inter-webs.

And we think it's great.

It's just not enough.

We're all familiar with the "book smart" vs "street smart" argument. "Book smart" is knowing about stuff. "Street smart" is being able to accomplish stuff in the world.

The former is becoming more readily available to more people every day. Information is everywhere.

...But that information is just a starting point.

The real magic is in taking the information and applying it methodically to get feedback that is unique to you and your situation.

It's in Engaging The Field.

"I thought I needed someone to coach me in hiring or needed someone

to help me solve this problem. I didn't, I just needed to engage the field.

I had all the tools that I needed, I didn't realize it."

- Andrew Junak PT, DPT, OCS
Founder, Peak Physiotherapy and Performance

The Arena is not more "classroom style" education. It's a system to test and refine what you've "learned" in the classroom. It goes like this:

  1. You learn something that you think will be useful to you

  2. You try it and reflect on it

  3. You show up to the Arena and share what you did

  4. You get feedback, coaching, suggestions and resources to help you take the next step.

It's designed this because the purpose of the Arena is to help you get stuff done, not know about stuff. And because the only way to to know the next best step is to take the first one to gather the data that's missing.

When you step into the Arena, you unlock...

  • The Full Arena Resource and Replay Archive

  • At least once a month live Arena calls

  • 1 Event Ticket [In-person or virtual]

  • The Arena Members Directory and Community

  • The Engaging The Field Handbook Direct Mail Package

Plus, we're be keeping an eye our for Arena Members that share unique applications and ideas to spotlight and collaborate with.

The Arena is NOT open enrollment. There is a waitlist and we only enroll a handful of new Arena members at a time. If you put yourself on the waitlist, you will keep your spot until you request to be removed.

Before going any further...

If you're not ready to engage the field, do not enroll when the time comes. There is plenty of great, free stuff to consume across the web.

If you're ready to step into the Arena, just jump on the waitlist below:

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© 2024 The Guardian Academy - All Rights Reserved.