Bronze Guardian (BG) Medallion

Oct 7, 2022 | Web3

This article will guide you through the process of acquiring a Bronze Guardian (BG) Medallion, which is a requirement for joining the first tier of The Guardian Academy (TGA). There are two methods for obtaining a BG Medallion: purchasing it or farming it. The former is the quicker and more straightforward option, but its cost will depend on the current market value of the asset. The latter involves a 15-day farming process. Utilize the table of contents below to help guide you and we look forward to having you be apart of The Guardian Academy soon.

Table of Contents

    How To Purchase A Bronze Guardian Medallion

    The BG medallions can be purchased from TGA Official BG Medallion Collection via Crypto or credit card through OpenSea.

    *These are collectible Medallions that grant access to the Guardian Academy tiers. This is not a get rich quick or money making opportunity.*

    Bronze Guardian Medallion OpenSea Official Collection

    The Official OpenSea Link-

    Choose the Medallion you’d like to purchase and press on the shopping cart icon to add the Medallion to your cart.

    Press on the shopping cart in the top right corner when you are happy with your selection.

    You’ll have two options to either pay by Crypto or Credit/Debit Card. Paying by Crypto will require you to have the asset in your wallet as well as enough BNB for the gas transaction. Paying via Credit or Debit Card will be a similar process to a typical online checkout.

    You’ll have to input a valid email address, which it will use to verify your account and then some basic details along with your credit card information. Once you’ve input the correct information you’ll be able to purchase your BG Medallion. Congrats! Skip down to “What’s Next?” From the Table of Contents.

    How To Farm For A Bronze Guardian Medallion

    *These are collectible Medallions that grant access to the Guardian Academy tiers. This is not a get rich quick or money making opportunity.*

    $WOLFIES is one of the assets we have chosen to run TGA on and because of that having knowledge as to how to purchase $WOLFIES will be important. If you are brand new to the web3 world start with this article here.

    Buying $WOLFIES

    You will need to have $WOLFIES in order to attain a BG Medallion.

    To buy $WOLFIES head over to KnightSwap. The direct link will be below.

    Be sure to connect your wallet to the website so you can actually interact.

    Blue arrow– Connect your wallet
    Red arrow– This is how you can get to the exchange page if you don’t use the direct link above.

    Use you BNB (or another asset) to purchase $WOLFIES

    This number may be different depending on when you are purchasing.

    Here is the contract address for $WOLFIES (but it should already be listed) 0x6Ad2B6d5d8F96c8E581D3100C12878b2151A0423

    BNB will already be listed and you will just need to select it.

    If you have trouble with the transaction you may need to increase your slippage.

    Red Arrow– Click the gear icon and increase the number until your transaction is able to go through.

    The number for your slippage may need to be 5%-10% before your transaction can be successful.

    If the slippage is not working, you may also need to delete the last decimals from $WOLFIES to make it a whole number (which will automatically change your buy in number on the top).

    Sometimes you may simply need to refresh the page

    8,400,000 $WOLFIES is the total amount of $WOLFIES you will need to stake for 1 BG Medallion.

    BNB NFT Platform- Wizard.Financial

    Make sure you connect your wallet to the site to be able to use it.

    This is the Bronze Guardian Medallion farm.

    Take note, there will be a 20% stake fee. Once you press “Stake” you’ll see a pop-up.

    Press “Approve” and pay the gas fee

    The button at the bottom will change to “Deposit”

    By changing the number from 0 to 1 you can see the cost for 1 BG Medallion is 8,400,000.

    Changing it to 3 you can see that the total cost becomes 8,400,000 x 3= 25,200,000 $WOLFIES.

    The max that you can stake at once would be 15 BG Medallions.

    126,000,000 would be the amount of $WOLFIES needed for that.

    When you have the correct NFT amount you’d like to stake for press “Deposit” and pay the gas fee.

    The fee of 20% is already added into total amount which is what will be claimed as payment for the Medallion by the Wizard.Financial team.

    After 15 Days

    You’ll be able to claim 80% of your $WOLFIES & your BG Medallion. Remember that 20% was taken for payment.

    As an example- If you staked for 1 Bronze Guardian Medallion it will be 7 million $WOLFIES that you will receive back.

    If you get impatient or impulsive or accidentally end the farm early, the countdown will start over and you will need to pay the 20% fee again to restake if you choose to do so.

    Contract Address Of Bronze Guardian NFT


    Paste in the address & import and you’ll see your NFT!

    *Sometimes you may have to wait a moment for BSC lag to settle & occasionally you may see a wizard picture there in the place of your NFT.*

    Alternatively there are other platforms that will display your NFTs in your wallet for you as well that you are free to utilize.

    How To Transfer Your NFT (OpenSea)

    Click on your profile then find the NFT you wish to transfer in this case the Bronze Guardian

    Click on the “…” which will bring up a menu for you to select “Transfer”

    A pop up will appear. If this is the correct NFT then hit “Continue.”

    In the box you will paste the copied address you wish to transfer your NFT to. Then select “Transfer” and pay the gas fee necessary for the transaction to succeed.

    How To Safe Transfer NFT Wallet To Wallet At Contract Level (Educational)

    It can be important for you to learn how to navigate around the contract level a bit incase the UI for any platform ever goes down you’ll be familiar with how to operate around a smart contract. To transfer ERC 721 (NFTs) you will have to head to BSC Scan with the contract address of the NFT (which you can find from your wallet address under the ERC 721 tab).

    This is the BG Medallion contract address on BSC


    Click “Contract” (Green Arrow)

    Then “Write Contract” (Green Arrow)

    Then “Connect to Web3” (Red Arrow)

    Make sure you are on the right token should say the NFT you want to transfer

    You will be prompted to connect your wallet address to BSC Scan

    Scroll down the page after you have connected your wallet to #6 “safeTransferFrom”

    Fill in the lines

    1. From (address)- Your original wallet that you hold your NFT in
    2. To (Address)- Your destination wallet
    3. token(unit256)-your NFT number that you can find from your wallet address in the NFW contract under holders

    If we go to this holder on the BSC Scan they have #250, 249,248 etc

    After you pay the gas fee the NFT will populate in the new wallet address you input.

    If this is not working generally the main issue is that you are not connected to the BSC Scan. You can’t just transfer an NFT from one wallet to another unless you own the NFT and can prove it (by connecting) that this is the action you wish to take.

    What’s Next?

    Once you have your BG Medallion and want to gain access to TGA you’ll want to join our discord and verify with the bot, CollabLand.

    Verifying with CollabLand in our discord will grant you access to the first tier in TGA, Wolf Pack.

    The next tier up is Wolf Pack Leader.

    In order to ascend to this tier, you will be required to have a Silver Guardian (SG) Medallion. If you have 5 BG Medallions and 1,400,000 $WOLFIES you’ll be ready to start farming for your SG Medallion. If you’d like to learn more you can read more about it in this article.

    Hope this guide was helpful in helping you to navigate the BNB NFT world. Looking forward to connecting with you inside TGA!

    Until next time!

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