Building Your Community With Twitter’s Help (Guest Article By WDWP #17)

Oct 21, 2022 | Guest Articles

This was a guest article written by Wolf Den Wolf Pup #17 If you’re interested in learning about how you can leverage Twitter as a platform to attract and build a community that not only do you resonate with, but also enjoy being around, then read on.

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    Let Your Twitter Help You Get More Reach

    I know the word “influencer” gets a lot of hate & I understand why. 

    A lot of people use their influence for likes and retweets. But in this community, I trust that you have better intentions.

    The intention here isn’t to make you an “influencer”, but to use these strategies so you can deliver the value you want to deliver & do more good in this world. 


    Before getting into visuals and content, there are a few things you can do RIGHT NOW that will help you find more relatable content to interact with. 


    Twitter would like to think that it’s helping you by suggesting “content you may like” to you. That is far from the truth. 

    The algorithm isn’t perfect. It’s a bot, and a bot can never have an authentic relationship with a human. So why would you trust a “bot” to tell you what you should and shouldn’t see on your timeline? 

    On default your Twitter timeline is set on “HOME”, what this does is that it lets Twitter see and read your interactions & then suggests posts that you could possibly enjoy. 

    But here are the two problems with that: 

    1- You end up seeing content from people you are NOT following, which means you will see less content from people you already follow. You followed them in the first place to see more of their content, but twitter doesn’t want you to do that. They want you to interact on what is “popular” because that’s how they make money. 

    2- What is popular isn’t valuable in MOST cases. Twitter doesn’t care about “value”. They care about the reactions and how many times a post is being liked, retweeted. 

    For example: You found a great post about NFTs and you interacted with it (here is one by yours truly ). 

    If you interact with this post, twitter is going to see that you like “NFTs”, and will suggest a popular post to you that you might like. Unfortunately what you end up with is “engagement farming” posts about NFT. Similar to the ones you see about giveaways, WL spots, and engagement farming content. In most cases they have ZERO value. The only reason twitter suggests it to you is because it gets a lot of likes, retweets and comments. To them, that’s an opportunity to make more money, so that’s the content they will end up showing you. 

    How to Stop Twitter From Suggesting Content for You: 

    You can limit twitter from “suggesting” posts for you.

    Here is how you can do that: 

    On the top right corner of your timeline (where you see twitter feed) you will see 3 stars. Click on these three and change what your timeline show to “Latest Tweets” instead of the default settings “Home Tweets”

    The minutes you do that you will see a HUGE difference in the content on your timeline. 

    The biggest and most important take from this is that you will actually see more posts from people you follow. But there is a little trick here! There is no way you will be able to see ALL THE CONTENT FROM, ALL YOUR FOLLOWS. If you are following 100 people, it will take hours to go through all the 100 people’s content from that day. So that’s not how it works.

    Why Interacting With Your Favorite Content Creator(s) Is Very Important To Building Your Network And Community?

    The way it works is that Twitter will read your engagement. And will show you more content from the people you usually interact with. This is why it is highly encouraged that you jump on the engagement train. It is not only helping your favourite creators get more noticed so others can benefit from their valuable content, but it is helping you grow your network as well.

    For example you want to see MORE OF The Guardian Academy (TGA) posts. Here is how I would do it:

    Step 1: Go to your favourite accounts and put them on notifications (personally I get a ton of value from the Wolf Den and their members. So I have a lot of them on notifications). The purpose of having them on notifications is so you can interact with their posts. When you do that for about a week or so, this will tell twitter “Hey I like this content from this person, keep showing me their stuff”. 

    Step 2: Do this for about a week, and then you can turn off notifications. 

    Step 3: The results: When interacting with a specific profile for a while, Twitter will show you more of that account activity on your timeline. This includes their “likes, comments & retweets”. This is very helpful when you are trying to grow your network with more people who have similar values and principles as you and others you follow.

    Example: You are interacting with TGA & they interact with Success Finders (you gotta check them out if you haven’t), now you are seeing TGA commenting and retweeting on Success Finders, and that gives you an opportunity to check them out when you discover them. 

    Now you’ve grown your network based on who you are following and interacting with knowing that you will find more people with similar interests to connect with. 

    Some “Do’s & Don’ts” On Twitter

    Just like any other platforms, there are actions you should avoid practicing on twitter, while others you should do. These practices can help you create more authentic relationships, while avoiding anything that can harm your profile. 

    DO: Grow your audience organically. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than an online authentic relationship with your audiences. It takes time and a lot of effort to build your organic following, but it helps you tremendously with reach. I don’t have many followers, but when you use the right methods you can get a lot of reach. Results are in front of you

    DON’T: Do not buy followers. You are not doing yourself a favour. Buying followers will ruin your profile and you will have to start from scratch again. There are multiple tools online that detect fake followers. Assuming that your audience does not know about this is ignorant. Plus you are not really doing yourself a favour. The images below are from an account that has a large following, yet when you go into the post, it’s clear that there are no interactions. 

    DO: Make authentic comments based on the post you are interacting with. 

    DON’T: Randomly commenting outside of topic. We see this a lot on meme coins. You are not really “shilling” your project by commenting under a post when it’s not relevant. If the post is asking about a food recipe, and you are shilling Shiba in the comments, twitter will view you as a bot, and your comments will start to get “hidden” by twitter. This is how it looks like 👇

    DO: If you must talk about your favourite project, do it with an original comment. For example if the content creator is talking about utilities, you can jump in the comments and share your thoughts about your project’s utility and why you like it. Use logic and reasoning in your “shilling” effort, it works a lot better than spamming the comments with hashtags 

    DON’T: Again, spamming someone’s comment section with the name of the project you are trying to shill is not only annoying, but brings you little to no results. Assuming they like what you like without giving them a reason is not practical. 

    DO: Use up to 3 hashtags in posts and comments. 

    DON’T: Use hashtags without writing a post or a comment. If your post or comment is short, use 1 or 2 hashtags only. If you want to use 3 hashtags, make sure that you are creating a full post that uses all the characters. If dont dont do this, this will trigger some algorithm and it will limit your reach. Below is an example. Those accounts will end up in hidden comments. You are not really doing yourself a favour by just pasting hashtags with no context

    So if you want to use hashtags (which is great for reach) make sure you are using them correctly. Spamming just hashtags in comments and posts doesn’t do anything for you and twitter will not see it as a valuable post and limit its reach. 

    DO: Tag people at the end of your posts and use relevant hashtags.

    DON’T: Tag people at the beginning of the post. If you start your post with an “@”, twitter will consider your tag a “comment“ rather than a post. And it will drop it under the “tweets and replies” section of your wall. This will dramatically decrease your reach. If you must tag someone at the beginning of the post, be sure to put any character before the “@” . I usually use a period and then tag. 

    Example: “ . @TheGuardianAcademy , I loved your article about Twitter Hacks”

    Did you like this article? If so then you will enjoy the content in my telegram channel. I share tips and strategies on EVERYTHING building a web3 community. 

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