Unlocking the Secrets of Success: Empowering Lessons From Guardians of TGA

Jun 28, 2023 | Live To Learn Give To Earn

In this series we dive into the world of Guardians of TGA, extracting bite-sized video lessons from the thought provoking podcast hosted by Scott Perry, Wolf Pup #3717. Within these insightful videos, you’ll discover a wealth of wisdom. From practical strategies to mindset shifts, these empowering lessons provide a roadmap for navigating challenges and seizing the opportunities that arise along the path to success.

Table of Contents

    Dr. Jeff Spencer

    Who Is Dr. Jeff Spencer?

    TGA Cornerman, Dr. Jeff Spencer was the performance and mindset coach for all 9 Tour De France victories. Bono from U2, Tiger Woods, Richard Branson, and Dave Asprey keep him on speed dial. An olympic medalist himself, Dr Jeff has coached over 40 world champions and Olympic Medalists. A good friend of The Guardian Academy, Dr. Jeff comes to all of our events to help TGA members step into their greatness.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    See more of Dr Jeff Spencer here.

    Randy Massengale

    Randy’s influence has informed and inspired the success of disruptive entities like Microsoft and Intel.

    Nic Peterson

    Founder of Gray Wolf Labs, The Wolf Den and The Guardian Academy. Author of Bumpers. Co-Founder of Certainty U. Sheriff of Cleator Arizona. Wolf Dad.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    See more of Nic Peterson here.

    Dan Nicholson

    Author of the best-selling Rigging The Game and our resident Wealth Wizard, talks about the creation process. How does a CPA build multiple companies and write a best selling book?

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Dans Book

    More free tools

    Laurel Portié

    Laurel Portié is the king of video ads. 4-time Emmy Award winner shared how she has mastered connecting on Social Media.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Laurel’s $7 ad program.

    Jeff Moore

    President of International Pacific Seafood Group, Founder Of Thursday Night Boardroom. Jeff is one of the most well-connected people in the business space, his global mastermind has over 800 members.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Jeff on I Love Marketing podcast

    Jake Anderson

    A prolific creator in the Guardian Academy universe, Jake Anderson shares the value of the feedback loop and iteration when creating. 

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

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    Dwayne Moffatt

    How do you start something new? Inside The Den owner Dwayne Moffat has four words for you:

    Inside the Den

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Inside the Den

    Brandon Straza

    Founder of the Success Finder, Brandon Straza, talks about creating a new platform with new rules.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    See the TGA group inside the Success Finder here.

    Nicole Richards

    Instead of chasing for more and constantly trying to please everyone, what if there was another way? Nicole talks about how she’s able to step into her own game and help more people while enjoying more of what she does.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Jay Bhakta

    The creator of Base Case and Build, Jay is creating what we all wish we had when we were younger. Jay is the epitome of “live to learn, give to earn” and shares how he is building a new business with massive impact based on TGA principles.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Base Case and Build

    Kevin Chu

    Kevin Chu took Guardian Academy principles and a Wolf Den Wolf Pup to create Doc The Wolf. A well-received and well-loved book by parents and children around the world. Doc the Wolf has grown into a Twitter personality, an NFT project and has more books on the way. From idea to growing brand, step by step. Kevin breaks down the micro-step process.

    Listen to the entire conversation here.

    Doc the Wolf

    Connect with Doc the Wolf

    Howard Getson

    CEO Howard Getson of Capitalogix: Providing Insights into the Ongoing Buzz around A.I. as a pioneer in the Industry since 1991.

    If you found these videos helpful and would like to dive deeper into the world of TGA.

    TGA Knowledge Vault– Free resources

    Scott has also contributed to the body of knowledge within TGA you can access his content below.

    Additional Resources

    Less Is More– The virtues of the negative way.

    Stoics Vs Epicureans– Using ancient wisdom to get closer to what you want.

    Learn more about Scott and the difference he makes at CreativeOnPurpose.com.

    For more articles by Scott that are inspired by TGA principles and community, click here.

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