From Boredom & Apathy To Curiosity, Inspiration, and Fun! (Guest Article By WDWP #256)

Mar 20, 2023 | Guest Articles

This article is a guest post from Soxie (Wolf Pup #256) who shares the impact of applying a multi-loop learning approach in her life. It has helped her identify areas of dissatisfaction from the past and gain clarity, leading to excitement for what lies ahead. Any resources mentioned can be found at the bottom of the page. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more, let her know.

TGA Core Concepts – Brain Sludge

The Skills Challenge Matrix

Flipping the quadrant from 4 to 1. From Boredom & Apathy To Curiosity, Inspiration and Fun!

So many Core Concept lessons in The Guardian Academy (TGA) are having an impact on my life. This is the first time I’ve applied a full Multi Loop Learning approach, and it’s provided context where there was dissatisfaction from the past, and helped me find clarity with excitement for what lies ahead.

I’ve used the Skills Challenge Matrix to examine my life through different stages:

  • Career lens of 40 years.
  • 6 years of retirement.
  • 12 months in Web3.
  • TGA & Wolfden Exposure.

My story may not resonate with most people in TGA, however the Skills Challenge Matrix applies to all of us, no matter who or where we are. It would have saved a lot of anxiety during my career if I had made the connection during that time, and even more so with satisfaction and fulfillment in retirement.This Matrix has been a great way to clear my mind, close the gap of how I want to be living life now and in the future.

Inspired by Dr Jeff Spencer’s words to not predetermine the value of my contribution and perspective, I’m writing my discoveries for my own clarity, and hope it may be valuable to others.

The Four Quadrants

Examining My 4 Quadrants – Career In Hindsight

1st Quadrant – High SkillHigh Effort – FLOW– This quadrant is where I thrived in my working life, specifically start up businesses/franchises, and it’s where I could be creative in most of the positions I held. I’m grateful I had some excellent leaders, they embodied the open and curious mind of entrepreneurs that we are surrounded by in TGA.

I thought they were inspiring leaders, as they recognised the talents of the individuals, and gave us all the license to create in our own special ways.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I had because of these people, if I had not crossed their paths, I believe I would have languished in the 4th quadrant of boredom and apathy as an admin assistant, instead of a creator. I believe it’s one of the best gifts we can give another – let them shine in their uniqueness, they will be forever grateful and you will change the course of their lives for the better, I feel I passed that on at different times to others I was responsible for.

2nd Quadrant High SkillLow Effort CATHARSIS – Duplicating the systems I created and using them in new startups is where I felt this easy kind of flow.

I did not have anything outside of work that would fall into this category. Regrettably, I made my work my life, always chasing “more” – more money, more recognition, more status. I rarely explored creativity for fun, I made attempts to learn music and instruments, even in retirement, but never got anywhere near Catharsis with them, wrong hobbies perhaps, I’m thinking this may be the reason, especially in the last several years.

3rd Quadrant Low SkillHigh Effort HARD PHYSICAL WORK – Dopamine with physical effort, doing things that fall into this quadrant has always resulted in my feeling great and have remained constant.

4th Quadrant Low SkillLow Effort KILL TIME – downtime when in the middle of all the crazy was simply watching TV, or too much drinking unfortunately.

Examining My Three Quadrants – In Retirement

What was missing?

Quadrant 1 – Challenge!

Quadrant 1 – Almost non-existent before Web 3 and more specifically TGA and Wolf Den, which are providing the inspiration to fill this huge void. Getting “Balance” back into my life is clearly due to quadrant 1 being addressed.

Quadrant 3 – I appreciate that I’m still able to do hard physical work. I want to stay strong as I do the majority of physical work and I really enjoy it, the dopamine with a lot of effort helps fill the void.

Quadrant 2 and Quadrant 4 are Low Skill with Medium to Low Effort (for me).


Challenge from Quadrant 1 – Physical from Quadrant 3 – everything else is enjoyable to me and does not need adjusting at this point.

Web 3 & Crypto

Venturing into Web3 just over a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was attracted to the fun, excitement and novelty of it mostly.

Like many people, I made stupid decisions and lost in crypto. Crazy how someone can be financially responsible for 4 decades and then make really impulsive decisions.

Euphoria, excitement and FOMO, not knowing myself and abdicating responsibility are the reasons why, I’m sure many can relate to this.

Learning new apps, programs and technology when it hasn’t been a part of your life in the most productive years is a challenge. Simple apps like Twitter, Discord, Telegram & Instagram were all new to me a year ago along with all the crypto wallets and exchanges, it’s been a year of learning and I don’t want it to stop!

No wonder the Skill Matrix shifted to High Challenge – age is relevant!

Hanging In Quadrant 1 A Lot These Days!

Canva / OpenAI / Punks / Penguins & Wolfpups.

Recently I observed a new instance of the first quadrant!

The excitement and wonder that programs like Canva and OpenAI, Midjourney have brought into my life is stretching my mind into the realm of make believe and fun. It has unleashed those feelings of excitement and fascination, and wanting to find some sign of creativity that is far away from that of my working life!

I crave quadrant 1, and it’s what has been absent, not only in retirement, but also the last 4 years of my working life where I was simply filling a seat and passing time.

My husband being 9 years older at 71, with physical restrictions as a 13 year cancer survivor, is happy and content in quadrant 4. He used to relish quadrant 3, physical hard work and one of those talented people that can build anything. Our most enjoyable times in life were doing house projects together and camping, sadly he is not able to do so any longer, he’s adjusted well, and accepted where he is at.

My need for “challenge and new things” will not go away, not exploring this quadrant has led to a dull and uninspiring life in retirement. 

Purpose and Passion

I now feel I have clarity and purpose – by removing my own suffering through exploring creativity and fun, and finding ways to help others, and support those who are in the communities I enjoy that have given so much to me.

My involvement with Recovery Punks has provided resources to help uncover “Why the Pain”. Isolation, disconnection and lack of purpose had played a big part in the reasons for turning to alcohol.

Since the breakthrough I had in December with my fear of speaking and being seen, I’ve taken many steps forward both online and in my life. Reconnecting with people I haven’t communicated with in years, connection really is the opposite of Addiction. I’ve released the need for alcohol and understand myself and how I see the future so much more clearly.


I’m so grateful to have found the original Wolf Den, I came in with a victim mindset, searching for something “different” after the Luna/Anchor crash. It just keeps getting better and better!

The Guardian Academy and the amazing people within the connected communities have enriched my life to a level I thought had passed me by.

The learning experience with TGA content has bought intrigue, fascination and a deep desire to understand myself and life in hindsight.

I see limitless opportunities for deeper connections and friendships, for creativity, growth and fun – and that is the essence of a good life, without it you can fade away and turn into a silly old stubborn, sad fool. That’s not the Legacy or memories I want to leave behind. 


Wisdom Comes From Multiple Perspectives- Drop your 6WU

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