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Oct 31, 2022 | Web3

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How To Get Into Crypto Safely:

Whether you plan to participate in the RecoveryPunks mint or now, we want to make sure that you understand how to get into crypto safely.


  • Buying crypto on a central exchange
  • Setting up a wallet to keep custody of your own assets and participate in on-chain activities 
  • Securing your wallet and assets

Step 1: Purchase Ethereum

How To Buy Ethereum

Since most mints, including RecoveryPunks, are done on the Ethereum network, we will show you how to buy Ethereum using your bank, debit or credit card. The process is similar for different network, but each has its caveats. Please ask for help before pushing buttons. =)  

Step 2: Setting up your wallet

How To Setup Your Wallet

You will want a wallet to keep custody of your own assets. We prefer MetaMask because it has a plugin that allows desktop use. You can use any wallet you would like and the steps will be similar. Again, if you are a Genius Member please feel free to ask before making any moves.

Step 3: Your seed phrase and security

How To Stay Safer In Crypto

Be sure to write down your seed phrase, store it in a secure location, and never save or send it on a digital device. If you are brand new to crypto would highly recommend going through the safety and security document linked.

Step 4: Sending Ethereum to your new wallet

How To Transfer Crypto From Wallet To Wallet

Once you purchase Ethereum on an exchange and it clears, you’ll want to move it off exchange into a wallet where you own it. You will also need the asset(s) in your wallet to participate in on-chain activities like minting, buying and selling NFT’s. 

And that’s it. You should now have Ethereum (or whichever asset you purchased) in your wallet. If you want to join the live walkthrough or get updates on the RecoveryPunks mint just join the list below. We will only send emails to register for live calls and updates on RecoveryPunks. No spam. Because spam sucks. 

If you want to get notified when we do a live walkthrough, just subscribe by clicking this link here or using the QR code below

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