Gray Wolf Summit Takeaways and Replays

Nov 23, 2022 | Live To Learn Give To Earn

The Wolf Den has given us the replays from their 2022 live event, Gray Wolf Summit to host in our content portal as additional education. The full replays are available for Guardians of TGA and Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) NFT holders.

Biggest TGA Takeaways:

As part of continuing our mission to “live to learn, give to earn” our team attended the event and watched virtual. Below, we have summarized our biggest takeaways and lessons from the experience. If you were there live or get a chance to catch the replays, share your takeaways on this thread here.

Remember, wisdom comes from multiple perspectives.

Speaker 1: Dr Jeff Spencer Intro

Olympic medalist and coach to over 40+ olympic medalists and world champions, mindset and performance coach to Bono (U2), Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee, Richard Branson, and more breaks down how the greatest teams on the planet become dynasties (and why some don’t).

TGA takeaway: Nobody wins alone.

Speaker 2: Nic Peterson Intro

Founder of the Wolf Den & co founder of Certainty U shares a framework to bring more light into each situation by understanding three levels of light; the highest level of light being a mastery of unchanging principles/fundamentals.

TGA Takeaway: Master the fundamentals.

Speaker 3: Joe Polish – Art as a force for good

Founder of Genius Network, best selling author and one of the most well connected humans on the plant talks about how art (and NFTs) can be used as a force for good.

TGA Takeaway: What is art? Art is expression. It can be any form of art, but if you do art you are a corporate athlete; take care of yourself and increase the ‘pie” for everyone.

Speaker 4: Dan Nicholson

Founder of Nth Degree CPAs, creator of The Certainty App, co founder of Certainty U, #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list, and USA Today Best Sellers list for his book Rigging The Game, shares CCA principles to help the audience get closer to what they actually want.

TGA Takeaway: Utilizing the Four Certainty Commandments will help to create a framework for our decision making criteria that when done in a state of sobriety can lead to significantly less risk and emotional downside: 1. We must bias “Closer” over “More”. Every action we take needs to get us closer to what WE WANT.
2. We must understand the difference between preference and binary. We must be able to discern when there is and is not a right or wrong
3. Every decision has an infinite number of trade-offs. When we make one decision, we remove an infinite number of other possibilities.
4. All bets will be asymmetric (to the upside). Resources are scarce. All bets must have significant upside with little to no downside.

Guest Speakers: Grand Master Mike Leone and the “Godfather” of all modern marketing Jay Abraham

Neither of these speakers were planned, but when humans of this caliber show up and offer their time, it’s best to give them the stage.

TGA takeaway: Two very different people from very different background deliver the same fundamental message in different word: Live to learn. Give to Earn. Life is about experiencing things with an open and receptive mind, doing the work and then contributing to others.

Where Can I Find The Replays

The full set of Gray Wolf Summit Replays have now been organized inside of The Guardian Academy (TGA) Educational Portal hosted by Tech Tree. You’ll need your WDWP NFT and wallet connected to the site to be able to access the replays.

Soon your WDWP will also be able to get you access to the first tier of TGA- Wolf Pack, but for now if you are new to TGA feel free to check out some of their public content under any of the categories labeled “Public”.

Link to the TGA Portal

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