Jan 19, 2023 | Live To Learn Give To Earn

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglas

The Guardian Academy is built on a foundation of “Live to Learn. Give to Earn.” Learning through experience and sharing what we’ve learned. In an increasingly complicated, disconnected, and digital world, fundamental principles and human connection are more important than ever, especially for children. 

Have you ever thought to yourself:

“I wish someone taught me this when I was younger, it would have saved me so much pain, or I’d be so much further along”?

Fortunately, Jay B. and a handful of individuals are providing the community and infrastructure to help teach kids what we all wish we knew growing up. 


Jay started Base Case and Build to spend time with and help his son learn foundational principles taught in the Guardian Academy, the CCA, and by Dr Jeff Spencer. 

The first “cohort” of students was so successful that Jay decided to run another for his daughter and recruited a few more Guardians and CCA students to help him set up another group for education and support.

Brandon Straza, founder the The Success Finder enrolled his son and offered a scholarship a couple scholarships from Success Finder to help a couple of parents enroll their children in the Base Case and Build Program.


Since the TGA crystal ball is broken, we cannot predict the future. What we can do is put resources into bringing it into being by contributing and supporting individuals, companies and organizations that are actively developing youth. 

Upon enrollment, Base Case And Build students are given a Wolf Pup NFT, which is utilized to teach lessons on blockchain and general life principles. 

The Guardian Academy is going to reward graduates from Base Case and Build upon completion of their cohort; we call it “dopamine in exchange for valuable effort”.

Each graduate will be asked to give a short presentation sharing what they learned in their own words and then receive either a Wolf Pup or Penguin Posse NFT from the Guardian Academy treasury, whichever they choose. 

As Base Case and Build grows we will revisit and grow the sponsorship program to support and celebrate our future leaders. 

Learn more about Base Case and Build here.

We look forward to continuing to support Base Case and Build.

If you have a project that is aligned with the Guardian Academy values and are interested in collaborating please let us know.*

*At this time we are only looking at projects proposed by Guardians or Alpha Wolf members of TGA


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