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Mar 9, 2023 | TGA

What does it mean to be a Guardian?

The role of “Guardian” is the pinnacle of The Guardian Academy community.

You cannot pay your way into becoming a Guardian.


The Guardian Academy is building a community of purpose-driven people who are committed to removing suffering and making our world a better place to live in.

And yes, part of this involves blockchain, web3, and DeFi.

But being a Guardian is about who you become in pursuit of achieving the Guardian tier. Not how much money you have been able to accumulate and skipping “the work”.

That’s why the path to Guardianship includes:

Education — about getting what you want in life, etc.

Contribution — being helpful to others in the community

Patience — farming NFTs takes time, and displays patience & ability to orient long-term

Capstone — a project designed to help you condense the education and communicate the rules of your game.

“Why I Want To Be A Guardian”— An article, video, or voice (play your own game) covering why you want to be a Guardian.

In the journey to becoming a Guardian, you start as a consumer of educational content.

You leave what we call “open loops” in your learning.

And as you apply what you learn, the education shifts from indirect to direct knowledge.

At this point, you start becoming a producer.

You are able to meaningfully contribute to conversations in the community.

You have the requisite experience to be useful to others, especially newcomers.

And you produce your own body of work in our capstone assignment which is the final step to becoming a Guardian.

Who Is The Type Of Person That Becomes A Guardian?

Here it is in 100 words:

Guardians play their game, and nobody else’s.

They practice restraint. If the answer isn’t apparent, the best thing to do is nap.

Guardians understand and think through second and third order consequences.

They know, sometimes, short term sacrifices create favorable long term consequences.

Guardians know that the greatest risk is not getting what they want out of life, and have a clear solvable problem. As a result, they bias closer over more & faster.

They know their own biases & tendencies, and actively create bumpers to mitigate them.

Guardians celebrate the times they don’t get rekt because of the principles they’ve defined.

Read Some Guardian Capstone Projects

Why I Want To Be A Guardian

Feeling Inspired To Become A Guardian?

If you’d like to learn how you can begin your journey to Guardian tier in TGA, read through this article.

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