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Oct 18, 2022 | TGA

In The Guardian Academy (TGA), a focus of the community is helping to bridge the gap between Web3 and the real world. By encouraging our members to add to the body of knowledge and help others understand the emerging technology we can help to facilitate the diffusion of innovation. Within the community, there are members who go above and beyond, possess leadership qualities, and ultimately embody the qualities written in The Guardian Manifesto. Guardian of the Quarter was developed in Q2 of 2022 and designed to recognize these members found within the highest tier of TGA, Guardian.

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    TGA Show Of Appreciation

    We want to first acknowledge all Guardians, because being able to make it to the Guardian tier (and continuing to be a helpful member) within TGA isn’t an easy feat. But in order to highlight and honor one member each quarter, TGA has created this plaque that will be engraved with their name and gifted to the receiving Guardian.


    The very first Guardian of the Quarter (GOTQ) was a close decision between 4 amazing Guardians:

    1. Orphan Annie Wolf Pup #2072
    2. Frumpo
    3. JB 1723 Hard as Blue Steel
    4. Rocket Raccoon

    TGA members voted for who was the most helpful within the community and the end result being the very first GOTQ within TGA being Rocket Raccoon. 

    How GOTQ Candidates Are Determined

    TGA has implemented a scoring system utilizing a combination of the Star Board found within TGA discord and exemplary Guardian behavior found in the real world. Candidates will be determined by the Star Board as well as team selections and then the winner will be selected through a vote by TGA members.

    The Star Board system presents a more accurate snapshot of Guardians who have been helpful within the community over the course of the quarter.

    To learn more about the Star Board:

    Scoring System From Star Board

    Each ⭐️ that a post receives within the Star Board will be counted as 1 point toward the member’s total. The highest total points from the Star Board will be eligible for a candidacy spot for that quarter GOTQ.

    Here is an example:

    This would earn 16 points (There are 16 ⭐️) if GOTQ tally was being held today.

    Keep in mind this ⭐️ count may be different than what is actually on the post itself. We will go by the ⭐️ count that is being displayed on the Star Board. 

    Each post in the Star Board will count as for an additional 3 points

    In this example there are 2 different posts that have made it into the Star Board. Assuming MaleksWorlds is a Guardian and if these are the only 2 posts, MaleksWorlds will have earned 6 additional points toward their total.

    Keep in mind that although being helpful within TGA discord and community is important we understand that discord is not apart of every Guardian’s “game”.

    A Guardian can win GOTQ without ever having a post within the Star Board if their real world actions are significant.

    Once the candidates have been chosen, the winner for the quarter will be determined via a vote by the TGA community.

    The Guardian Academy Hall Of Fame

    You can check out the OpenSea link for the collection.

    Follow them on Twitter to see what they’ve been building

    1. Rocket Raccoon (Wolf Den Wolf Pup #192)- Q2 2022
    2. CryptoTimmy- Q3 2022
    3. Malek Q4 2022

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