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Dec 20, 2022 | TGA

In The Guardian Academy (TGA), we have a saying: “Live to Learn, Give to Earn.”

By encouraging our members to contribute to the body of knowledge and be helpful humans we can collectively do our part in helping to do some good in the world. Removing suffering must first start from within. Only by being able to remove your own suffering can you/should you go and help others to do the same.

Guardian of the Year (GOTY) was designed to recognize the Guardian who goes above and beyond, possess leadership qualities, helps to remove suffering, and ultimately embodies the qualities written in The Guardian Manifesto. 

Table of Contents

    TGA Show Of Appreciation

    We want to first acknowledge all Guardians, because being able to make it to the Guardian tier (and continuing to be a helpful member) within TGA isn’t an easy feat. But in order to highlight and honor one Guardian, TGA has created this plaque that will be engraved with their name and gifted to the receiving Guardian.

    Check out our very first GOTY recipient, Ben, with his plaque.

    How GOTQ Candidates Are Determined

    The candidates are chosen from:

    1. Guardian of the Quarter award recipients (4).
    2. Guardian with the most stars on the starboard for the year (1).
    3. TGA team choses a Guardian (1).

    The above is the framework that is utilized to determine candidates there may be more or less candidates in a given year as exceptions can be made.

    These candidates are then voted on in an anonymous poll only accessible by the community (Wolf Pack tier and above) over the course of a week and typically held at the end of the year.

    The Guardian Academy Hall Of Fame

    You can check out the OpenSea link for the collection.

    Follow them on Twitter to see what they’ve been building

    1. The very first GOTY was Ben Frank (2021)
    2. Malek Worlds 2022