Base Case And Build Youth Project

Oct 20, 2022 | Capstones & Spotlight

The Guardian Academy (TGA) is building a community of purpose-driven people who are committed to removing suffering and making our world a better place to live in.

Within the community we have a mission for our members:

  • Help purpose driven humans navigate the Web3 world.
  • Bridge the gap between the real world and blockchain.
  • Build strong children (because it’s easier and more fun than fixing broken adults).
  • Be a blessing to others, whenever possible.

The Guardian Spotlight series was created to highlight members of the highest tier within TGA, Guardian, that are doing cool and amazing things in the real world that are aligned with the mission.

In this episode we will be highlighting Jig, who also happens to be a Wolf Den member with the Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) NFT #69.

Base Case And Build Youth Project

The project will teach young individuals basic life principles and apply it to their real-life situations. All funds generated will be added to a Base Case and Build Treasury which will be used in creating real-life projects. The members will get to see Certainty Certified Advisor (CCA) principles in action as these projects unfold. Most importantly, they will get to learn how to do good in the world by contributing to charities of their choice.


Jig has been a member of the Wolf Den since its initial launch. He recognized the mistakes he made throughout his life on both a personal and business level from the CCA program, Nicsmas, and coaching by Dr Jeff Spencer. He kept thinking to himself that if only he had known these valuable principles at a younger age, he would have avoided many of the bad decisions he made throughout his life. This led him to start thinking about his 15-year-old son and how he could teach him all these principles. Not only to teach it, but how to apply it in real life. As he spent time thinking about it, the idea of Base Case and Build came to him. If he created a small hands-on project with a group of kids and taught them some of these principles, they would have a huge advantage in their life and career pursuits.


Base Case and Build project started with 4 members with weekly meetings focusing on life principles from The Wolf Den, CCA, Dr Jeff Spencer and Jig’s personal experiences. Principles such as “Playing Your Game” or “Closer vs More.”

Each week they teach a new principle by giving real-life examples and experiences. The kids are then required to discuss the principles with their parents and journal about it. Parent participation is key as these conversations gives them a different point of view and it helps make it more relatable. The best part is that since the kids are the ones approaching the parents, it’s no longer a “lecture” which leads to healthier conversations.

The level of conversations and awareness the kids are now demonstrating has been priceless. Based on the results of the first group of kids, Jig is now enrolling new members (which includes his 10-year-old daughter) for the next phase starting in November.

New members will get 6 lessons covering a different CCA, Wolf Den and Dr Jeff Spencer principle each week. As a bonus, they get access to ongoing weekly calls where they get to discuss what they learned with a community of like-minded youth members that are focused on growth and doing good in the world.

The Next Steps

If you would like to give your kids an unfair advantage in life, then fill out this google form and Jig will send you details on how to register.

The next phase of the project starts first week of November 2022. Hope to see you there!


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