How To Purchase NFTs on OpenSea On Polygon Network With MetaMask

May 18, 2023 | Web3

Welcome in this guide you’ll learn how to set up your Web 3 wallet and then integrate it with OpenSea on the Polygon network to be able to view and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Table of Contents

    Set Up Your Web 3 Wallet

    Start here to be able to setup your Web 3 wallet (MetaMask at this time will be able to integrate more effectively)

    The guide below will walk you through this setup. Scroll down to the MetaMask section:

    Adding The Polygon Network With MetaMask

    Polygon has already created an easy to read tutorial with two ways you can add their network onto your MetaMask.

    You can access the tutorials here:

    1. Go to and scroll down to the very bottom to add Polygon network to MetaMask

    After pressing “Add Polygon Network” a pop up will appear

    Press “Approve” to add the network to your MetaMask

    Then press “Switch network” to swap over to the Polygon Network.


    This is the official link for OpenSea, where you’ll be able to view, purchase, and sell NFTs:

    Before you can proceed further into the site a pop up will most likely stop you prompting you to “Accept and sign”

    Press “Sign” to verify that you indeed are the holder of the wallet to be able to connect your wallet.

    If you were not prompted to do this you may have to press “Connect wallet” on the main page to be able to manually connect the wallet. Which you’ll choose MetaMask.

    Searching For Your Collection

    Once you have your wallet connected the next steps would be funding your wallet and searching for what you’d like to purchase. As an example we can use the Wolf Pup collection from the Wolf Den to demonstrate the sequencing.

    By navigating to their page then scrolling down we can see some Wolf Pups are for sale (the price denoted where the red lines are).

    Purchasing a NFT

    By clicking on a Pup being sold we see we have two options

    1. Buy now
    2. Add to cart (denoted by the shopping cart)

    Buy now requires you to have cryptocurrency in the form of what the seller is asking for, in this case it would be ETH. For all polygon transactions you will require MATIC.

    Clicking on the “add to cart”

    This will bring up a checkout screen that will allow you to pay with credit or debit card.

    By pressing “Complete purchase” you’ll be brought to the checkout page with MoonPay where you’ll have to fill out your billing details much like a typical checkout process.

    Congrats! Once you fully complete the process and your payment method is approved you’ll be the owner of the NFT you wanted!

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