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Dr. Jeff Spencer – Human Mentalities

Dec 29, 2022 | The Vault

Whether it’s getting into crypto, starting a business or diving into a new sport or hobby you’re here at the Guardian Academy (TGA) because you want to do better than average. The problem is, if you do what everyone else does, think like everyone else thinks, and act on impulse, the BEST possible outcome is average.

To get extraordinary or outsized results we must understand our own mentalities, the mentalities of those around us, and learn to fight regression toward the mean (the things trying to pull us back to average).

To move forward with success, you need to understand your own two mindsets, how they are at war, and how to tap into the champion’s mind. Since you’re in the Guardian Academy, you’re going to hear it from one of the best to ever live, Dr. Jeff Spencer

Does it come down to plain luck to become a champion?

In this video you will first hear an introduction from Nic Peterson for Dr. Jeff Spencer. An olympic medalist himself, Dr. Jeff Spencer has been a world renowned glass artist, with his glass displayed in the most prominent galleries in the world. He has also been in the corner of over 40 olympic medalists and world champions. Dr. Jeff Spencer was in the corner of: Tiger Woods in his prime, all 7 of Lance Armstrong’s Tour De France victories, FBI Negotiator Chris Voss, Dave Asprey as he built the Bulletproof brand, and when Bono (U2) wasn’t sure they would be able to finish a tour successfully, he called Dr. Jeff Spencer to fly out to make sure they finished strong.

Champions don’t win big on accident. To learn more be sure to watch through the entire video below where Dr. Jeff Spencer discusses the human mind versus the champion mind.

Dr Jeff Spencer is one our founder’s closest friends and attends all of our events. Wolf Pack Leaders and Guardians get access to Dr Jeff at minimum once a month to maintain sobriety and get clear on the path forward in their business, investing, and the areas of their life that matter most.


Human v Champion Mind (remote presentation):
Teammates (clip from guardian session):
Dr Jeff Spencer at the Gray Wolf Summit: 
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