Introducing The Guardian Academy

Oct 6, 2022 | Welcome

Welcome to The Guardian Academy (TGA), formerly “The Wolf Den”, we are a community driven educational project designed to help people navigate the Web3 world.

TGA is focused on providing as much education for free as possible while offering the opportunity to access various tiers based on NFT holdings.

TGA is built to systematically help solve what we call the “adaptive dilemma”; the disconnect between a new technology and how it can actually be applied in the real world in a way that is beneficial to people. Being successful in buying, trading, building or integrating blockchain technology into your life is, by and large, a function of how well we understand it and how well we understand our own behavior.

The entry levels of TGA are just to get an understanding of how the DeFi world works, some different ways to think about it, and how you might want to participate in it — including the best practices for safety and security.

The “library” is always growing and there are frequent team-led and user-lead calls to workshop, brainstorm, and provide support for other TGA members.

For many, the free content will be enough to get them started on their journey.

For those that want the opportunity to engage and connect with other individuals, mastermind and share knowledge freely, other levels of TGA might make sense.

Please be sure to fully understand what you are getting into. Access to TGA is granted via NFT and our NFTs are not designed to be sold for profit. This is not a get rich quick by pumping NFT prices type of project.

TGA utilizes two primary tokens, Guardian ($GUARD) and Wolf Pups ($WOLFIES), which will be utilized for projects, events, etc.

The highest level of TGA is the Guardian Tier.

Guardian is where the highest level interactions with our founders, partners, and educators happens. Guardians become Guardians by displaying a high level of understanding and helpfulness. TGA is engineering it so that members that are the most helpful to others can be voted up or down — in order to make it into the Guardian tier, one must display a high level of willingness to be helpful to others.

Your Next Steps

If you’d like to learn more about the tiers within TGA you can read more about them here.

See you on the inside.

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