“NFTs Are The Future” Or Something Deeper? (Guest Article By WDWP #17)

Feb 24, 2023 | Guest Articles

In this guest article by Malek, Wolf Den Wolf Pup #17, he offers a deeper dive into the common saying found within Web 3 of “NFTs are the future”. Malek is also a Guardian within The Guardian Academy (TGA) and has submitted many guest articles in the past. If you enjoyed what you read here today, be sure to check out some of his other articles. They will be linked at the bottom along with his social to be able to connect more with him

Crypto Investor Profiles & NFT Twitter Profiles

Let us start with a question: Do you treat people how THEY want to be treated?

People have different characters, expectations, and most importantly different behaviours. Dealing with people on a day to day basis can help you learn a lot about each one of those characters. This also includes everyone you are interacting with inside your community and on twitter. 

I spent the last 2 years serving community members inside web 3 projects and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you cannot serve and have conversations with everyone the same way and expect the same results. 

Your main responsibility as project owner, or a community manager/moderator is to be there for your community. 

Don’t lie.

Don’t cheat.

Don’t disrespect. 

These are the three rules that will help you become someone who people are comfortable talking to, which in your position, that’s important. 

There is a very popular statement you’ll see often in web 3. That is: “NFTs are the future”.

I’m going to be the bad guy here and debunk this for you. Even though I believe in the future of web 3, I don’t particularly agree that “NFTs” are what makes these projects great. 

Before you come to a judgement here, let me explain what I mean.

NFTs are created by humans & just like we created NFTs, we can create something better and more useful to society. So if the future depends on NFTs, why are we innovating?

Utility does not build projects. Utility does not build communities. People build projects. People build communities. In order for you to serve and be part of the builders in web3, you don’t need to understand the “tech.” You just need to understand humans & that is exactly why I am writing this article. 

In the last 2 years, I have interacted with every investor profile you can think of. From the “MoonBoi”, to the “BTC bro”. From scammers, to investors. From people who destroy everything they touch, to others who will build with whatever they can lay their hands on. 

These investor profiles are important to understand if you’re here for the future of web 3. What you do, and what you say to them matters. So interacting with someone who is looking for the next moon shot, is not the same as someone who has a 5 year timeframe on their investment. 

In reality, you are not here to make decisions for people, however when you understand these profiles, it helps you serve them better. It will help you use reasoning and logic when you are speaking to each one of them. 

These 5 profiles are based on tens of thousands of interactions spread across tens of communities and projects. So you can be sure that you will find each one of those profiles in your favourite communities. That is inevitable. You will find all these profiles in every community. Regardless of who you are catering for. 

So you might be building something for the future, and you are not making quick promises to your audiences and constantly explaining your roadmap and game that you want to play. Does that mean the moon boi isn’t going to find you and be part of your community? No. You will find them. And even though you might not be catering or serving that kind of user, it is still your responsibility to explain to them how everything works and what they can expect from being part of the community. 

Don’t want to keep you on edge here, so let’s start with these profiles.

Investor Profiles You Find in Your Community

The Low Risk Bro

This type will ask the most questions and do extensive research. Yet in most cases, they are not willing to take a big risk. They prefer low risk investments. They buy blue-chip products and investments and are almost never willing to throw the dice on a new project. They are smart investors and understand exactly what they expect in return before they even make an investment they will calculate their return and spread it across a few projects only. They are patient, disciplined, and will always be passive when investing. They often have families and are older than your average “crypto bro”. They will always prioritize stability over “massive gains”. To be honest, these are your ideal investors. Now that you understand their behaviour, you’ll get to interact with them based on THEIR needs, not yours. As it should be. 

The Sniper

This profile is what you call a “sniper”. They watch the market, and buy undervalued projects/NFTs. They are patient and willing to buy a “discounted” stock/crypto/NFT and hold it until its true value gives it what it deserves. They are very aggressive towards “FUD”, understandably. Knowing that they hold for a long time in most cases, they would not appreciate someone “fudding” their bag. Good thing is that they care about fundamentals and structure and will help you reason with funds based on the information they know. They use reasoning in “shutting down” FUD, and always feel the need to explain how great of an investment it is and how you are not truly seeing the value of it. They are often busy in their own life and want to do the least work within the community. So even though they make a great investor profile, you can’t depend on them to be active in your community. They will show up from time to time and communicate with the project team to ensure the safety of their investment. They don’t often expect you to deliver something new everyday, but want to see you as a team putting in the work. 

The Risk to Drop

MASSIVE risk taker. Even though in most cases they tend to not get a good return on their investment, the one time they do, it is worthwhile. They have an addictive personality and are often referred to as “DEGENS”. They don’t sell unless it’s for a while, so oftentimes they end up being “Bag Holders”. A bag holder is someone who’s convinced that these projects will “moon” at some point, and they hold things that are worth next to nothing in hope that it becomes worth something at some point. They are also very interested in daily income, and make decisions based on how much return they can get in a short frame. They are very good at identifying opportunities and possibilities. They believe in “products” more than they believe in “people”. Which is why they make irrational decisions. They have a very high risk tolerance and wont change that even if they fail 9 times out of the 10. 

The Question Everything

One of my favourite people to interact with. The reason is because their questions often bring a lot of clarity to others. They ask questions most people can’t come up with, so a conversation with them can benefit your entire community. Especially if you are being helpful and not sarcastic in your replies. Unfortunately even though they ask a lot of questions, they don’t have the “balls’ ‘ to make decisions on their own, and are constantly looking for someone to convince them to invest. Be careful not to be that person, because they will always look for reasons to throw blame onto others and carry a victim mentality everywhere they go. They are also the type to make decisions based on trends. If they see people selling, they sell. If they see people buying, they buy & this puts them at a very bad position in most cases and end up “rekting” themselves over and over again. They almost never learn from previous mistakes because of how emotionally attached they are to their decisions.

The Farmer

A DEFI lover. They are always on a hunt for new projects that offer high yields. They don’t stick around for too long. They enter at high, and exit before people start dumping. They tend to put a lot of money in DEFI, and that often gives them a position higher than anyone else in these “pools”. They are only interested in making a quick daily return on their investment and because of this, they are very unpredictable to projects. They might invest 100k today, and leave the next day with their high earnings and yields. They will literally “dump” your project and feel little to no remorse to others involved. They are very very very active inside communities and create solid relationships with others in the community. They do this to understand the direction of which the project and the community is heading, so they can make quicker decisions on exits and entries to keep them on the top of their game.

Here is the best advice I can give you today

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF CONNECTING AND INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY. You can learn a lot from everyone, and that will help you be a better investor, a better connector, and a better project manager/founder. 

Connect with people. Understand their needs. Cater for a specific user. But be respectful to everyone within your community. Whether they are you audiences or not, you’re better off being a good human than someone who no one likes. Not that it matters if others like you or not, but if you are here to SERVE the web3 community, build your reputation based on how you interact with others.

I hope you found this helpful. If you did, please leave feedback in the comments on the article post here:



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