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The Guardian Academy

Congrats! You’ve made it through Foundations and Core Principles.

Here are the resources to take the next steps and join the Wolf Pack!

  1. How to Farm Your First Bronze Guardian. This will walk you through the steps of acquiring your first Bronze Guardian and joining the Wolf Pack. 
  2. Safety and Security Document. If you follow the walkthrough below you will be fine, but you’ll still want to review the safety and security document before or after you join just to learn the best practices. 
  3. Join the Wolfpack Community: This is where the private community is. If you need help after joining, just open a help desk ticket and we will get to you asap. 
  4. Get the full TGA Syllabus [optional]. If you want the full syllabus and all of the resources emailed to you you can opt in/register your membership here.

Can’t wait to see you in the pack.


PS. Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you get in there. The collective momentum awaits!