Making Connections and Building Relationships: Connecting for Success In WEB3 (Guest Article By WDWP #17)

May 31, 2023 | Guest Articles

In today’s interconnected world, the key to achieving great things lies in making genuine connections and building relationships. By connecting with the right people and fostering authentic interactions, you open doors to exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth. Networking goes beyond collecting business cards; it’s about learning from others, accessing valuable resources, and finding support in the Web3 era. So how do you get started? Read on as Malek, Wolf Den Wolf Pup #17, breaks down how he’s been able to integrate these skills in order to find success in Web3.

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Unlocking the Power of Connection and Networking: A Path to Success

Do you want to know a secret to achieving great things in life? It’s all about making friends and building relationships. Connecting with others and getting to know them can open doors to exciting opportunities and help you grow personally and professionally. This article is all about the incredible power of connection and networking, and how it can make a real difference in your life.

When we talk about connection and networking, we’re not just talking about meeting new people or collecting business cards. A brand new generation created brand new ways to connect! It’s about creating genuine relationships and finding ways to help each other succeed. By connecting with the “right people” who share your interests or work in similar fields, you can learn so much from their experiences and knowledge. They can give you fresh ideas and insights that can speed up your learning and help you get ahead. Plus, networking can introduce you to important resources, ESPECIALLY IN WEB3. It can help you land job opportunities, funding for your projects, and partnerships that can take your career or business to the next level.

But connection and networking go beyond just gaining knowledge and resources. They also help you grow as a person. When you meet like-minded individuals at events or conferences or even Twitter Spaces, you get inspired and motivated. These encounters allow you to think bigger, challenge your own ideas, and improve your own thoughts and plans. Being around successful and passionate people can transform the way you see yourself and your potential.

The power of connection and networking also lies in the opportunities that come your way. Sometimes, success is all about being in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT CONNECTION. When you have a strong network of professionals, you become A LOT more visible and it increases your chances of stumbling upon incredible opportunities. Your connections can recommend you for jobs, introduce you to influential people, or suggest exciting collaborations that can boost your career or business. Building a network helps you stand out from the crowd and puts you in a position to take advantage of those game-changing moments. In a very competitive world, this will act as your ladder to climb above and beyond others!

I wrote this simply to share an exercise with you that I personally participate in almost weekly. And since I understand the power of genuine connections, this exercise does not only connect me with people around the web3 space, but it will most likely land me opportunities. It has before, and it will again. 

But before we start you need to consider one thing: STICK TO THIS EXERCISE FOR THE LONG TERM. Sure, it will bring you short term and quick results, but its opportunity & massive growth will depends a lot on your consistency and commitment to make this more than just a weekly exercise. 

It may be a simple exercise, but it’s definitely not easy. It is up to you to take on this challenge if you choose to. If you do, and it brings you the results you were expecting, drop me a DM. I want to celebrate your success as if it were my own. And I will…

Meet 👉 Observe 👉 Greet 

Almost every weekend I dedicate time and effort to find “good connections” in web3. 

What may define a “good connection” for me might be a little different than yours. But the core concept is similar. Finding someone who could have a direct impact on you, your growth, your relationships, or your journey. 

I don’t aim for “NUMBERS”. I would rather have more “quality connections” than “more connections” 

Step 1: Find 3-4 web3 accounts that could have a direct impact on you, your career, or/and your journey. (Keep in mind that this will also work outside of web3. I work in web3 so this makes sense for me)

Step 2: Once connected (followed), I would try to have at least ONE AUTHENTIC & ORIGINAL interaction with them. 

Tips For Initial Connection

Here’s are a few good tips to help you stand out & get someone’s attention when connecting with them: 

1- Find the account you want to connect with 

2- Before you hit follow, scroll down their feed and see if this account can help you grow in any way

3- Find 3 good posts. It is important that you choose something you can relate to, that way you are not commenting a “one or two words” comments. Basically avoid all GM & GN tweets. They bring no value to you or others. Once you choose the posts, be ready to leave authentic and original comments. Blow their mind by showing understanding or what they are posting about.

4- Create responses for all 3 posts to comment on.

5- Once you are ready to make the comment, do this to each one of those posts: 

– 1st like the post 

– 2nd leave the comment you wanted to share under the post.

– 3rd QUOTE TWEET the post and share one or two things about why you like it in the QUOTE TWEET. Don’t just retweet… QUOTE TWEET! (You can also screenshot the post, but be sure to tag them in the image and the post).

– 4th Once you’ve done the first 3 steps, you can now follow the user.

– 5th There is a high possibility that they will follow you back since you have showed a lot of interest in the connect. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL AT FIRST TRY. So this is where your consistency and commitment matters. 

– 6th Once they connect with you, send them a private DM expressing something about your connection, reasons, and why you chose to connect with them (learning, education, opportunity etc…)

If you follow these steps there’s a very high possibility that person will follow you back. At this point, you will need to stay authentic and original. If you are just like all the other accounts they are interacting with, you will not stand out. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to comment and share all three posts at once. Spread them to show interest for the long term. Meaning if you choose one post today, you can come back in the evening for the second. The more consistent you are with this method, the more they will remember your name and PFP… and that can go a long way in web3.

Remember: BE AUTHENTIC!! No one likes “GM bro” interactions except for engagement farmers… engagement farmers aren’t going to open opportunities for you.

DM me your results so I can celebrate your success…

Good luck



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