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Oct 11, 2022 | TGA

If you are here then you are interested in learning more about The Guardian Academy (TGA) Capstone Project.

“A capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students.”

Specifically within TGA, this project will be one of the requirements necessary for an individual to complete on their journey to ascend to the final tier of TGA, Guardian. As a leader, whether this be within the crypto space or in your own world there will be people who look to your guidance. In order to be able to continue to “elevate the floor” and help with the shift from consumer to producer we developed TGA Capstone Project.

The delivery of this content can be up to you based on your unique skill sets.

Play your own game.

Key Points To Cover

  1. The single most powerful thing that you have taken away from your time within TGA.
  2. Solvable Problem clearly communicated.
  3. Macro belief clearly communicated.
  4. Bumpers you put in place outlined.
  5. Other evidence of action taken to implement the knowledge you’ve gained within TGA into your into your personal, social or business life.
  6. Feel free to add anything else that you wish to include or that you believe is relevant to showcase as this list is only to get those creative juices flowing.

Live To Learn, Give/Share To Earn

A guiding saying within our ecosystem. By contributing to the body of knowledge within our ecosystem, members are rewarded. Dopamine with effort. have a look at our past incentive programs.

  1. Incentive Program 1-
  2. Incentive Program 2-
  3. Incentive Program 3-

Here are some examples of Capstones for you to explore:

  1. The Wolfish Mindset: How staying Wolfish puts you in the best position long term by Sage Tempest [Podcast].
  2. Upgrading your mindset and goal setting approach by NickDoc [Podcast].
  3. How to get closer to what you truly want out of life by Jake Anderson & Dwayne Moffatt [Podcast].
  4. What Jeff Zalesak thought was just another “Crypto Community” turned out to be a life changing event [Twitter thread].
  5. The single most powerful lesson learned since joining TGA by Jason Ansley [Stream Yard Video].
  6. How I was able to move from a “consumer” of material to a “producer” by Daniel Senn [Podcast].
  7. The three TGA principles “The Butcher” used to grow his butchery business [Article].
  8. How to engineer your own luck by Malek [Article].
  9. A single snapshot in time leads to poor decision making and the alternative George chose to utilize [Article].

We look forward to reading your contribution to the body of knowledge and sharing it so that others in the emerging Web3 world can benefit as well.

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