TGA Core Concepts- “Chutes and Ladders”

Dec 26, 2022 | The Vault

This will be a TGA core concept training that will be a little different than the others. You can envision this training similar to an on or off ramp of a freeway. The name of the training was inspired by the children’s game, Chutes and Ladders, chutes being slides that move you down whereas ladders are a “fast pass” to climb further up. Read on to see how this might apply to your situation.

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What Do I Do Next?

If you’ve made it here and have been following along TGA syllabus this would be the point where you might want to make a decision:

  1. Choose the fast path (ladder).
  2. Circle back and go through the material again for some multi loop learning (chute).

If you think you need a few more rounds of the material, you’re having a difficult time getting caught up and being able to reflect on the material/apply it then it might be a good time to go back to the beginning to review it all. (Chute)

If you think that you understand the material, are already applying it, want to get in on the conversations, and advanced tools then you might want to climb the ladder up.

Wolf Pack Tier- Collective Momentum, Community, Live Interactions, And Next Level Of Training(s)

If you’ve gone through TGA Foundations and Core Concepts the first official tier to gain additional access would be Wolf Pack.

Within Wolf Pack tier this is when you’d gain access to the private community which is where the amazing dialogue will be held by the community and the team. This is where the application of the material can be had because there is a shared language amongst members. Some of the concepts that will be unlocked with the Wolf Pack tier: Developing your Solvable Problem™, macro belief, applying strategies and risk adjusting tools.

In order to access the Wolf Pack tier you will need to have a Bronze Guardian NFT. Be aware that this process takes 15 days from start to completion.

The process was not meant to overwhelm (which is why there is a 15 day duration until one can even claim their Bronze Guardian NFT).

You are your own guide, you are your own guard.

4200 year old text

We will lead you to the banquet so to speak, but you can eat when you’d like, whatever you’d like, at whatever pace you’d want, and leave the rest on the table.

The process to accomplish a Bronze Guardian NFT might seem scary, challenging, and you might even get a bit frustrated. Just know that you are learning during this process about some of the ins and outs of the Web3 world.

Bringing us back to our core belief. Live to Learn. Give to Earn.

Hope to see you on the inside!

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