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Jan 3, 2023 | The Vault

We hope that if you are here and have been following the syllabus that there have been some loops that have been opened and some reflection on these foundations and core concepts trainings. Not all of it will be intuitive at first pass and some might require the perspective of others for you to be able to truly start to understand. So what’s next? Watch the video below and read through the article to find out.

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Behavior Modification Pyramid

Do you remember this? If not go back to the Resource Allocation Overview. This will provide you with the context of how to allocate resources to the next most important thing as well as what the behavior modification pyramid is. For many of you the next most important thing will be figuring out where you are in Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Maslow’s Hierarchy

It is organized so that the most important items form the base of the pyramid (Physiological Needs). This allows us to prioritize and focus our resources. It doesn’t really matter much about getting recognition (Esteem) if we don’t have any food, water, shelter, or clothing (Physiological Needs). As you ascend the pyramid the returns you receive are diminished. You can live a great life without self-actualization, but you can’t live a great life without your physiological needs being met.

TGA Tiers

These are the tiers of TGA. What would happen if we inverted the Tiers? They map to Maslow’s Hierarchy.

All the free content is all about addressing the safety needs one would need navigating through this world (Web2/Web3).

How to actually get what you want in life.

When you’re eligible for the first tier of TGA as a Wolf Pack member you’ll be able to get in on the discussions that will further develop what you’ve learned in the free tiers. As you build those connections and relationships with those around you, you’ll start to get more of the next tier of Maslow’s hierarchy, love and belonging.

You can use any community you want of course but within TGA you’ll have a like minded group of people who have developed a shared language, and all understand to respect each other’s uniqueness while trying to accomplish something within their lives.

As you continue climbing the tiers you’ll keep climbing the sections of Maslow’s hierarchy, ultimately ending up at self-actualization, Guardian tier.

Skipping Rungs= Diminished Returns And Low Reliability/Probability Of Success

Our ecosystem is built so that you have to prove on some level that you have the previous rung locked in on some level.

For example: Alpha Wolf tier is only accessible for members that have demonstrated helpfulness (as determined by the community through voting). It is difficult to achieve this tier and so members that have an orange color for their names in the discord community can be seen as a status symbol. A sign of recognition, not based on material wealth, but because they have been a contributing member to the community.

More info on the tier specific requirements will come later.

TGA was structured to give TGA members the highest probability of success.

So What’s Next?

Collective Momentum

When you get into a community you can utilize what is known as collective momentum. Everyone at times can be rowing in the same direction. You might have a ton of one resource (let’s say time) and lack money and another person might have a ton of another resource (money) but lack time. You can trade resources at a discount in order to row in the same direction.

Collective Resources

Inside TGA we have founders, business owners, investors, phenomenal parents, technology resources, pretty much anything you can think of there will probably be someone who has resources that can be utilized, or traded for.

Collective Wisdom

If you are at this point you’ve probably seen the power of collective wisdom: 6WU, Capstone projects, Case in points, etc. People within the community are sharing their perspectives to add to the body of knowledge within TGA.

Wolf Pack

Collective Momentum and Community.

Wolf Pack Leader

Respect, status, recognition, contribution.

Alpha Wolf

Respect, status, recognition, contribution (this is proven contribution as you are unable to become an Alpha Wolf without contributing).


Desire and stepping stone(s) to reach full potential.

How To Join The Wolf Pack Tier

You will need a Bronze Guardian NFT.

This NFT will unlock:

  1. Private Community.
  2. Tech Tree Portal Trainings.
  3. Member Lead Calls, Trainings, And Events.

Next: Safety, Security, And Next Steps

The article below will walk those that wish to take the next step forward and join the Wolf Pack tier. We will be covering how to ensure you get in safely and walk you through the next steps as there may be some new technology that is introduced.

Live to Learn, Give to Earn.

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