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Jan 4, 2023 | The Vault

Welcome to TGA Core Concepts: The Recapture and Reallocate series. Regardless if you are listening to the podcast, watching the youtube, or reading this article, this training will provide a conceptual framework and can be used as a reference manual. Your brain will want to try and fill in all the details, fight the urge so that you can start to build a new operating system instead of simply memorizing details.

If you have not already gone through TGA Foundations: Recapture and Reallocate, start there first. Before we dive in deeper, there is an assumption that we are making with this training that you have your Solvable Problem™ and are a purpose driven individual. If you aren’t aligned with those assumptions, then this training won’t be super meaningful to you.

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Table of Contents

    Volatility And Velocity (vs speed)

    If you want to go from point A to point B in an appropriate timeline, resource allocation is going to be key.

    In a perfect world you would go from point A to point B in a straight line, representing the most efficient use of resources. We don’t live in a perfect world. What ends up happening is that we want to get to our destination faster. We opt for speed, but we are missing the direction component and so we end up moving fast in a big circle, using up all of our resources. One way to get more resources is to recapture the ones being hemorrhaged.

    There are two components when we are dealing with speed:

    1. Direction.
    2. Ecolate view (and then what?)

    You could have the right direction but then you end up driving into a brick wall… And then what?

    Speed is not the answer we are looking for, instead it would be velocity.

    Are you getting closer to what matters?

    This is a common saying from the CCA and a principle adopted by TGA. Closer implies velocity.

    When we talk about recapturing resources we are trying to lower volatility and increase velocity. The green curved lines will represent volatility on your journey and reduced velocity toward what you want. Because the resources are being hemorrhaged you don’t actually get to what you want.

    Compare top and bottom illustrations. Which would be a more efficient path?

    The pink line would be a more efficient path that would actually get you to where you want to go because you are eliminating the waste.

    We are going to go over 5 concepts that can help you improve velocity and reduce volatility. Remember these will just be the frameworks to help shape your operating system, don’t worry about the details until you have an understanding of the concepts.

    Bumpers: Appreciate When Bad Things Don’t Happen

    When was the last time you celebrated when something bad didn’t happen? Typically the celebrations you’ll see are when someone has overcome a struggle. Lost 50 lbs after COVID? That is amazing. What about not gaining 10 lbs from COVID? This will be a frameshift for you to realize that when you don’t go off track, appreciate that.

    The reason is: By not digging yourself into a hole you don’t need to expend more resources to dig yourself out.

    What are the preventative controls that you can put up to make sure that your volatility doesn’t get too out of control? It won’t be perfection, (which you aren’t aiming for anyways) but just like bumpers in a bowling alley it keeps you out of the gutters.

    If you want to do a deeper dive on how to setup your own Bumpers in life, there will be a link in the Resources section at the bottom of this training, along with a free bonus training.

    2 Oreo Principle

    What are the little things slipping through the cracks that you can recapture? The quickest way to fill up a bucket is to plug the holes first. This was covered in more depth in TGA Foundations: Recapture and Reallocate.

    Profit Priority Methodology (CCA)

    Recapture resources from lower priorities and reallocate them to higher priorities. This was covered in TGA Core Concepts: Resource Allocation.

    3 Rhythms (CCA)

    Every industry has a natural rhythm to it and an understanding of these rhythms can help you to mitigate risk and recapture resources that might be wasted. An example: If you operate in the fitness industry, there is a natural rhythm that after New Years you’ll typically have an inflow of new clients due to Resolutions. If you understand this you can seek to capitalize on it by hiring new staff. If you are not aware though that the rhythm starts to slow down before the middle of the year and you hired all those new employees on salary, now you could be bleeding out resources for the rest of the year.

    There are other rhythms besides the industry rhythm described, we will provide a free resource to help you understand the concept a bit more located in the Resources section. As a Wolf Pack Leader member, you’ll have access to trainings and discussions that will cover this concept more in depth.

    Brain Sludge, Outcome Bias And (Self Respect)

    Where are you spending your time, attention, or bandwidth? This is probably where people waste the most amount of resources.

    This will be covered in the next training.

    Recapture Waste, Reallocate To Priorities

    Utilize these 5 principles covered today and implement them with the intent to recapture the waste and reallocate them to more important priorities. To limit volatility (not that volatility is bad) but because going off track requires resources.

    An important change will occur if you are able to shift your operating system to thinking in terms of resource allocation and recapturing resources rather than MORE.

    6WU: Wisdom Comes From Multiple Perspectives

    Share your six word update in the thread below. If you are able to recapture resources share your thought process so that others can benefit from your experience. On the opposite side, if you are needing a different perspective, read through the comments and see what you can take away.

    Live to Learn. Give to Earn.


    1. Bumpers Book
    2. Bumper Accelerator (free)
    3. Rigging The Game
    4. 3 Rhythms (CCA)

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