New TGA Value Driven Incentive Program

Oct 14, 2022 | Live To Learn Give To Earn

The Guardian Academy (TGA) is committed to educating as many people as possible and helping to bridge that gap between web3 and the real world. As members get into the higher tiers of TGA we encourage them to do the same by becoming creators of value instead of simply consumers of stuff.

On September 27,2022, TGA announced our first incentive program. The program was a beta built to encourage TGA members to add valuable content to our growing body of knowledge and help others find success as they learn to navigate the web3 world.

See the initial incentive program and the Capstones that won here:


TGA Value Driven Incentive Program II

Table of Contents

    Provide Value. Help Others. Get Rewarded

    To encourage our members to contribute to the body of knowledge in the space and help more people, TGA has acquired 10 Gray Wolf Den Wolf Pups (WDWP) NFTs to gift to the first 10 Capstone projects that are accepted and published publicly.

    Of the three possible colors, for the WDWP NFTs a Gray Wolf is the rarest.

    Here are the steps to qualify:

    Step 1:

    Complete your Capstone and submit it for review.

    Step 2:

    We will give you feedback and accept it or request a few modifications for clarity. We will not share it without your permission, all capstones will be kept private unless approved by members to be shared.

    Keep in mind to be eligible for the Gray WDWP NFT, which also gives you access to our partners over at the Wolf Den, it will require the Capstone to be published on the medium of your choice and provide a link to it so that it may be shared as an educational piece.

    Step 3:

    Once verified, TGA will transfer you a rare Gray WDWP NFT, if you are among the first 10 that qualify.

    Our hope is that this encourages some of the brilliant minds inside the TGA to educate and provide perspective that benefits hundreds or thousands of others.

    **Existing Guardians that became Guardians before the Capstone requirement can submit a Capstone to qualify.


    1. Submit Capstone (steps linked here)
    2. Wait for review
    3. Get published and receive a Gray WDWP NFT

    What Is A Capstone Project

    To ascend to the highest tier within TGA, Guardian, one must submit a Capstone project.

    A capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for those wanting to move to Guardian Tier.

    To learn more about the Capstone project 👇

    Some Capstone Projects To Explore

    Here are the winners for you to be able to learn from their experiences through their Capstone projects. This section will be updated once a Capstone project has fulfilled the rules for qualification.

    You can read through the winners from TGA Value Driven Incentive Program I here

    1. A single snapshot in time leads to poor decision making and the alternative George chose to utilize [Article].
    2. How TGA principles can be used as a personal toolbox power up. Greg gives you the framework on how he uses this toolbox to help discern the best move forward [Video].
    3. The role of crypto in a mature traditional finance portfolio, written by Mark after a mind expanding year in TGA [Article].
    4. The power (and perils) of a decentralized community. How building on the fundamental principle of personal responsibility mitigates downside and creates asymmetry to the upside [Video].
    5. How a shift in David’s perspective was able to make positive momentous waves that could be seen in all aspects of his life [Youtube].
    6. Learning and finding your way through stories. A living document and case study about the struggles Jeremy’s had to overcome, the lessons he’s learned, and how to “play your own game”. [Article]
    7. The power of participation, multi looped learning, and the impact “playing your own game” can have on one’s life by Nicole. [Article]
    8. How slowing down has revealed the truths in his past, present, and future, to uncover how he plays his own infinite game. Joseph hopes his story of personal exploration can inspire you to slow down and discover your own infinite game. [Article]
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