TGA X BinStarter- Logic, Reasoning, And Evidence

Mar 7, 2023 | Web3

The Guardian Academy (TGA) partners with BinStarter to bring more options to members for those that like to participate in project launches and be able to get in on projects early on. In this article and video we will examine the logic, reasoning, and evidence behind this decision.

Engineer Luck

Having an understanding of TGA tier structure will be important as we cover the details of the partnership with BinStarter.

We are always trying to “Engineer Luck.” If you don’t know what that means or how that’s possible, be sure to check out this free resource which can be found on TGA syllabus created by our friends over at Inside the Den.

The link can be found here.

Here’s a short version of it- what is the least amount of effort, least amount of risk, and most amount of options to get to where we want to be?


The more upside you have & the more downside that is mitigated, the more likely you are to get “lucky.”

If there are five ways of completing a task- take the one with the least amount of effort.


To conserve resources.

If there are five ways to completing a task- take the one with the least amount of risk.


So you are less likely to blow yourself up.

If there are five paths to a solution – take the one with the most amount of options.


Because things can change at any moment and the more options you have, the more opportunities to be able to correct the path due to an unforeseen change. If you’re trying to get from point A to B and a tree falls and blocks the road, if this was the only path you could take to get to B well, now you can’t. You want to choose the path that can have the most amount of options to get to B.

Where Does BinStarter Fit?

In our opinion at the time of this writing 3/7/2023, BinStarter offers a way to do something that some members within TGA wish to do, which is participate in launches and be early on projects with less risk. This provides more options for TGA members. TGA does not partner with many launch pads simply because of the hype, risk, and the craziness that comes with it. BinStarter on the other hand allows investors to participate in these launches with a little less risk and provides TGA medallion holders more options.

How do they provide less risk?

Extended Insurance Protocol From BinStarter

An insurance protocol provided by BinStarter to help with mass adoption by providing a level of safety credibility.

Read More

Why this is important- it forces BinStarter to be selective about who they launch, because they know they are insuring it. This is also aligned with our methodology with not chasing upside, but creating asymmetry to the upside. BinStarter accomplishes this by mitigating some of the downside. The upside potential is the same, but the risk to the downside is less.

Highly Competitive Whitelist Spots

All TGA members get a chance to win a whitelist spot. This is usually done through some sort of “Sweep Widget” campaign style where investors need to fulfill basic tasks like following, retweeting, joining discords, etc to be entered into a raffle to win.

Golden Medallion holders get guaranteed allocations. The size of the allocation will vary between projects but at least you won’t have to do all the various tasks to get an allocation.

Play Your Game

At the end of the day TGA is not endorsing any project that comes out from BinStarter. This is up to you to do your own research to figure out what you’d like to invest in based on your own logic, reasoning, and evidence. However you wish to participate, this just provides you with the option.

Live to Learn. Give to Earn.

If you do decide to participate in these launches and you learn something, or have knowledge that you believe would be beneficial to the community to learn about, come back and share so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

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