Welcome to The Guardian Academy

Live to Learn, Give to Earn

Being part of The Guardian Academy and the Wolf Den has gifted me with two quotes that I now operate under.


The first, to ‘play your game’

allowing me to lean into my strengths

to do things that resonate with me and how my life is structured.


The second is ‘live to learn, give to earn.’ This has given me the focus to be able to try things that I do not have an understanding of and to learn about it as I am doing it.

– Kevin Chu

TGA and Guardian tier main take away for me is slowing down. As a small business owner, it’s easy to get sucked into the next thing that’s going to bring in patients and ending right back where I started.


Having a solvable problem and
planning for the base case has

allowed me to grow steadily
with less energy

(recapturing to reallocate).

– Marc McDade DC

One of the biggest things that TGA has given me is

the confidence
to pass on knowledge

to my employees, so they can better their lives.


Beyond just providing a place of employment, I am also passing on life-long lessons that they can take with them wherever they go. I have not found another community as unique as this.

– Steve Liu

Being part of The Guardian Academy has greatly improved the quality of my life by


exposing me to invaluable
information on how to

achieve my own goals
within a specific time frame,

and allowing me to collapse the time
required to achieve these goals.

– DazM8

At TGA, I find I am

constantly challenging myself
and growing

in ways I never would have thought to before meeting and learning from the diverse group of mentors here.


The greatest part is that I know

this is only the beginning,

and I am excited to see what the future will bring.

– Brovin Harris

As an engineer manager at a large tech company, I’ve been exposed to A LOT of management training…


the videos and coursework in TGA were

more powerful and actionable

than many of my other courses.

– Mark Takacs

I have hired several coaches to help me through different aspects of business or life and they never went anywhere… as of the recording of this video:


every single week,

I have been involved and committed

because of how it’s impacted my life and helped me turn things around.

– Jake Anderson

I did not expect to come into a community and be given the gift of


proximity to high-level
individuals and leaders,

who contribute and support each other at every turn,
while being encouraged to participate AND

Play MY Game AND have FUN!

Wait… did I really say FUN?

– Nicole Richards

An exclusive group where high-level entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations, and builders meet to achieve their next big breakthrough. The Guardian Academy gives like-minded people access to connection, contribution, and collaboration that is not available anywhere else.

Built on the foundation of “Live to Learn, Give to Earn”

The Guardian Academy is where you go to get

Z solutions to your personal and professional problems
Z learn new insights
Z gain access to and build connections with extraordinary leaders
Z learn how to play YOUR game to become the best version of yourself

Originally built to help extraordinary leaders navigate the blockchain through Web3 education, we realized to be successful in this endeavor


we must focus on…



Technology improves exponentially, but human suffering does not improve at the same rate. In order to have the biggest impact, we must improve ourselves, as humans, and be mindful of the company we keep. The great Dan Sullivan says “who, not how.”


TGA is dedicated to helping you discover
the you
becoming the best version of yourself
the who
connections and community
the how
understanding and utilizing technology

Dr. Jeff Spencer


Founder of the Champion’s Blueprint

Founder of Cornerman Elite Performance Coaching

Nic Peterson


Co-Founder of Mastery Mode

Co-Founder of Certainty U

Co-Founder of the Certainty App

Co-Founder of Relentless Performance (now Trevor Kashey Nutrition)

Joe Polish


Founder of Genius Network

Founder of Genius Recovery

Co-Founder of GeniusX

Andre Norman


Author of Ambassador of Hope

Founder of Academy of Hope

Harvard Law School fellowship recipient

Jason Campbell


Co-Founder of Zen Wellness

Author of Zen Wellness: Journey Around the Sun

7th degree black belt

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