The Three Guiding Principles To Engineer Upward Growth

Oct 11, 2022 | Capstones & Spotlight

This is the Capstone project by Guardian member “The Butcher” who runs Catskill Packing. They are a wholesome butchery from upstate New York that provides mouthwatering selections of goats and lambs sourced locally & raised antibiotic free, grass fed, and grain finished. He is also a member of the Wolf Den, Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) #2342 who has also decided to provide a discount for those that hold a WDWP. We hope that you enjoy reading through his Capstone and lessons he’s learned and if all you’ve had up to this point is mass produced meat, filled with preservatives and wanna give something for your palette to explore, I’ll leave the link to check out his site at the bottom.

So I’m known as the butcher within the Wolf Den, because well I’m a butcher lol. I found and started following the Wolf Den & Nic Peterson around November of last year.  What I didn’t expect from the Wolf Den was their “no shill” and silent build approach, while at the time,  the only thing you would see in crypto was shill others until their brains melt. So I came into the discord and telegram and I found people who were more about building themselves as investors through learning and understanding about themselves, which in turn could help lead to better decision making. So the next thing I got my hands on was Nicsmas.

Nicsmas is a series Nic Peterson did as a gift for his birthday for others. One thing (out of many) that really stuck out was this:

The one who is successful and the one that isn’t, isn’t always because of the end result. Just because something good turns out from a bad result doesn’t means the plan was sound and just because you get a bad outcome from the best plan doesn’t mean the plan was bad.

Nic uses Russian roulette as the example, just because someone wins at Russian roulette doesn’t mean you should play. This led to also learning that when you’re doing research and trying to understand things, don’t always look at the things that worked out, look at all the things that did not work and find out why. Nicsmas led me to becoming a Guardian, because if this is what I can learn from just fishing around the Wolf Den, why not just commit and be part of the team? This led to a whole new journey of understanding myself as a person ultimately integrating into all aspects of my life including finance and business. It’s not always about what you know but who you know and how close you are to them. You can read all the books you want about law, but it’s easier to go to a friend that is a lawyer and he will breakdown the hardest understandings of law in ways that a simple person can understand.

Being a Guardian, you make so many connections and get tools at your disposal, that will directly benefit you. The Guardian Academy (TGA) team would go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Another perk of being a Guardian is being able to meet and connect with other Guardians. People that have wants in life but have a high level of ambition and are willing/doing to do anything and everything to achieve it, no matter what. So, when you are around these kinds of people, people will bounce their ideas, understandings, positive energies, and experiences off each other.

This is an extremely powerful thing.

This is what makes empires.

Being a Guardian, one thing you will be hammered with is this concept of “play your own game”. If you want to get ahead, you cannot do what everyone else is doing. If you just copy someone you can only achieve what they can do and it’s impossible to copy 100 percent because there are things that are unseeable and uncontrollable. So, play your own game.

Understand yourself, understand your own patterns, and behavior. See where your own errors are and why. When you understand these things then you can start to play your own game and not play someone else’s game.  Every time you fall, see where your errors are and build yourself stronger so when you fall next time, the fall wont be so hard and every time you will rise to higher highs and higher lows.

We opened up Catskill Packing Oct 15th 2020 as a service to provide farmers a means to have their livestock processed the way they want it at the highest standards. Before 2020, we processed beef, lambs, goats, and poultry ourselves for almost 20 years. We started out butchering in our backyard, to working in USDA facilities. We are trained in butchery by intensive USDA programs and through processing our own beef lamb goat. We understand, from the ground up when it comes to raising animals, to having them beautifully sealed in cryo-vacuumed sealed packaging, because we personally have been through it all.

Catskill Packing wants to provide for the local community, the best quality and care to each of our clients, because we know how hard it is to raise animals for your friends and loved ones. A lot of blood sweat and tears go into each and every animal. Since October of 2020, we have met and partnered with many local farmers, butchers, chefs, to either have their livestock processed or provide them a means to get locally produced beef, lamb, goat, and poultry. They love our services because we care about quality not quantity. We want to build Catskill Packing, as a place; farmers, producers, wholesalers, and whoever wants products from the farm to table can come, to get superior quality processing and the highest quality beef, lamb, and goat.

This is what I do, after becoming a Guardian and learning Guardian principles, I applied them to my own business.  Being a new company and fortunate to have Wolf Den and TGA, I was able to quickly start building and not make the same mistakes. The mistakes that I did encounter I used them as a learning tool to promote positive growth. In the beginning we had several months where we had huge profits and then we had months with very low volume. So I took principles that I had learned from TGA, what can I do that will bring more options, less effort, and reduce risk?

We went from just a meat processing plant, to getting our license and selling meat publicly for the local. This caused the volume to go up in those low volume months and made the months that were very high volume even higher. This question I ask myself in every situation, because when you do this, you are engineering upward growth.

You remove the risk and give ways for consistent upward growth. 

So following up with this, I asked myself what else can I do to increase optionality, reduce risk and effort?

We started selling from East coast to West coast.

Being apart of TGA, I also wanted to support The Wolf Den in every way. As a Guardian we know that we don’t just make things for the sake of being relevant or a quick “pump”. Everything we do, there is a reason and utility for it. As the Wolf Den and TGA have continued to make iterations to their projects I too am continuing to refine my business.

Enter in the Wolf Den Wolf Pup NFT.

If you own one of these then you know how valuable these are. These will give you access to connections, some education through TGA, events, and so much more. I was talking to Nic about web 3.0 and I wanted to incorporate the Wolf Den directly into Catskill Packing, so we came to the decision of being able to buy your meat with the Wolf Den currency of choice, $GUARD, and as an added benefit by also by having a Wolf Den Wolf Pup NFT, you are able to get discounts within the entire store.

I wanted to serve the community with the tools that I have and this was one way to do so. Now members of the Wolf Den are able to buy the freshest, domestic, locally raised beef, lamb, and goat, and much more. We as humans should have a desire to want to help others to be better everyday, what we have as Guardians I believe are the tools to be able to accomplish this in our own unique way. 

Thank you for reading this far, if you’d like to learn more check out the resources below. WDWP #2342 “The Butcher”

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