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This guide will walk you through from start to finish on how to join The Guardian Academy (TGA). This guide is mainly for someone new coming into the Web3 world, but it will also include directions on how to purchase your first $WOLFIES and get started farming for your Bronze Guardian (BG) NFT to grant you access into the first tier of TGA. Congratulations on taking the first step in your Web3 experience and we look forward to being able to interact with you inside TGA!

Table of Contents

    Download Your MetaMask Wallet

    You’ll first need a wallet to store your assets in, MetaMask is our recommendation.


    Be sure you are on the correct website- there are many scam websites pretending to be MetaMask!

    Choose the browser you are using and download the extension.

    The recommendation is to pin the extension you are using to the browser for easy access.

    Press the blue button, “Get Started”.

    You’ll be brought to the screen below.

    Red Arrow- If you already have a crypto wallet you can input your secret recovery phrase and utilize MetaMask for your wallet.

    Green Arrow- If you are brand new, create a new wallet

    Once you have read through and accept, press “I Agree”.

    Create a new password (remember longer PW’s are safer than shorter ones… as long as you can remember it that is). Input the PW, agree to terms & press “Create”.

    Do not store this password onto your phone or computer!

    This next step is critical.

    Your seed phrase is going to be the most important piece of information in your Crypto journey. Write these down and store them in an ultra secure location. If you lose these phrases, give your phrases to anyone, get your phrases hacked- your entire account can be wiped out or inaccessible.

    Think of this as giving away your SSN and all of your personal identity info (name, birthday, address, phone number, passwords)… It’s just something you don’t do.

    Press next once you have these written down.

    You’ll need to reenter your secret backup phrase for verification that you actually know what the phrase is. Press confirm after you successfully filled in 100% of the words.

    Congrats! You now have your MetaMask wallet setup.

    This is what your home page of your wallet looks like. (Remember you can access this wallet through the pinned extensions on your browser).

    The green arrows– are your public wallet address (this is recorded on the blockchain) and this is what you can share with people. You can see this as kind of like your mailing address. Without this address people will not be able to send you any funds.

    Youtube- Walkthrough Setting Up MetaMask

    How To Set Up Binance Smart Chain On MetaMask

    On the top R corner of your MetaMask home page click on the drop down which will bring you to this Networks dropdown.

    Click “Custom RPC”.

    Enter the following information in the respective fields.

    Network Name: Smart Chain

    New RPC URL:

    ChainID: 56

    Currency Symbol: BNB

    Block Explorer URL:

    The main currency you will need for the Binance Smart Chain Network is BNB so the next step will be getting BNB onto your MetaMask wallet.

    Youtube- How To Setup BSC Network On MetaMask

    How To Use A Centralized Exchanges To Trade Fiat → Crypto

    You will need to get registered on a centralized exchange first.

    1. Binance US- (generally has a long wait list time to get signed on but has easiest route to get BNB)
    2. Coinbase – ($10 in BTC when you buy or sell >$100 once)
    3. Kucoin– (if you do not go the Binance route you will need this + Coinbase)

    If you go through Binance or Binance US you can onramp fiat (money) and buy BNB directly. We will cover going through Coinbase + Kucoin for those that don’t have access to Binance or Binance US for the rest of this article.

    • Even with VPN I believe Binance (regular) now requires a KYC which means you’ll have to provide proof of address so if you are in the USA best to stick with the US version.*
    • It may take you up to 6 days for the funds from your bank to clear with Coinbase (ACH deposit) and 10 days through Binance. You can also perform a wire transfer which generally is faster if you really need the funds.

    Setup Coinbase Account & Onramp Fiat To Buy & Sell Crypto

    I will not go into the details of how to setup a Coinbase account here because it is straightforward and if you got your MetaMask setup I know you can do this.

    The picture below will be what the homepage of Coinbase looks like.

    You will have to connect your bank account information to be able to transfer FIAT into your account before you can buy/sell.

    Change the Buy to USD Tether (USDT) (This will be pegged to the US Dollar).

    After you have purchased the desired amount of USDT you’ll be ready for the next section.

    Open another tab in your browser for Kucoin.

    Using Kucoin Exchange

    Kucoin is a great platform and does not require a KYC (know your customer) however if you are in the USA you will not be able to onramp fiat onto the platform directly. (Which is why I showed you Coinbase).

    Again if you are not in USA you can directly sign up with BINANCE or KUCOIN and onramp fiat into those systems and just buy BNB directly.

    Once you’ve logged into Kucoin press the “Main Account” tab.

    You will type into the search bar next to “Hide Small Balances” USDT.

    Make sure that it is set to ERC20 (it automatically should be)

    Your USDT address will be shown above.

    Do not try and type out each digit of the wallet address.

    Instead, press the 2 paper sheet symbol (the green arrow) to copy the string of numbers to your clipboard.

    Sending Money From Coinbase

    Go back to the Coinbase website and press “Send/Receive” and the pop up will appear.

    On the send tab.

    Paste the address you copied from Kucoin in the “To” box (where the green circle is) and input the amount of USDT you want to send over.

    (If this is your first time transferring).

    1. Check the first and last 4-5 digits of the address you are sending to & see if they match up.
    2. If you are unfamiliar with the process send a “test” amount to make sure that the transaction goes through. If I want to send $1000, test with a minimal amount ($5) to make sure the transaction goes through then repeat with the rest of the amount.

    You may need to confirm the withdrawal via your email but once you’ve done this your transaction will be sent and you should receive the USDT amount in your Kucoin account.

    Transferring from Kucoin Main To Trading Account

    In Kucoin they separate your holdings account from your trading account.

    Select transfer on USDT and notice how the arrow points from.

    Main → Trading. If you click on the arrow you can reverse the transfer.

    Input the amount of USDT you want to transfer to your trading account or click the blue # amount next to “Available Amount:” which will populate the amount.

    Using Kucoin To Trade your USDT For BNB

    Go to the trade button at the top and click “Spot Trading”.

    Click on the drop down shown by the red arrows & input BNB.

    You will also need to input your 6 digit trading password (Blue arrow) which you set up with your account. (This is not currently shown in the picture above, but if it is your first time logging in this will be where it will show).

    This may be rather confusing initially on but it will get much easier.

    Blue Circle- Current market price is displayed 1 BNB is 464.254.

    Blue Arrow- Limit Buy= you set the price of the asset you want to buy(left donated by blue line) or sell (right donated by pink line).

    You can input the # or you can also click on the Blue Circle Price to manually input the price in for you. Limit buys will result in less fees taken by the platform compared to a Market Buy.

    Market Buy- you will be filling the order books of the exchange and buying whatever prices are being listed from people that want to have their assets sold.

    Congrats now you have BNB!

    Navigate back to the trading page on Kucoin.

    Type in BNB into search bar to find it faster if needed. Press Transfer.

    Make sure that your order got filled and you have the BNB that you actually wanted to buy.

    you’ll notice how the arrow is now flipped Trading → Main Account

    Transfer the BNB you want to the main account.

    Sending BNB From Kucoin to BSC Chain MetaMask

    Open up your MetaMask Browser and press the wallet address (red line) and it will copy the address. Make sure you are still on the BSC server we created earlier.

    Go Back To Kucoin

    Go to the Main Account page and search for BNB.

    After finding your BNB deposit you will now press the withdraw button.

    Pink Box- Paste the MetaMask address you had just copied into this field.

    Red Line- Make sure you select BEP20 (which is the BSC network).

    Green Line- Input the amount of BNB you want to withdraw or click max.

    Green Arrow- Note there is a 0.01 BNB fee for withdrawal.

    Black Line- The withdraw may not be instant just note it may take some time for your deposit to actually show up so just chill. As long as you make sure the wallet address you are sending to is the right one.

    Press confirm!

    There will be two confirms you will need to follow through with and a code that needs to be verified through your phone or email. Once you have done that you are all set!

    Tips If You Have Binance

    You can repeat the same steps of copying your MetaMask address as you did above and inputting that into “Recipient’s BNB Address”.

    If you have Binance then you can withdraw BEP20 like we did in the Kucoin example.

    We are almost done! Home stretch.

    Buying $WOLFIES With Your BNB


    You will need to click BNB for the top line & input this contract address onto the bottom line 0x6Ad2B6d5d8F96c8E581D3100C12878b2151A0423

    This is the contract address for $WOLFIES

    In this example I am buying 1 BNB worth of $WOLFIES which will get me 4901540 $WOLFIES .

    If you are not able to execute the trade after pressing swap you will need to change the slippage. You can adjust the slippage where the Gear Icon is.

    The slippage for WOLFIES is at least 4.2%. Safer bet to place as 5%

    When you are ready press “Swap”

    Gas in Crypto

    Gas is basically a fee paid so that you can perform your transaction (you can see it like a tax paid to the person/entity that is validating your transaction)

    The red line is the gas at the time of this writing BNB is $472 multiplied by .002071 BNB = $0.977512

    After you press confirm again and your transaction goes through you will be the proud new owners of some $WOLFIES.

    How To Farm For A Bronze Guardian (BG) NFT

    The next step after you have your $WOLFIES is to farm for a BG NFT on Wizard. This will grant you access to the first tier within TGA. The article below will walk you through those steps.

    Hope this was helpful, and I look forward to connecting with you inside TGA!

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