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Mar 13, 2023 | Live To Learn Give To Earn

The Guardian Academy (TGA) is excited to be working with The Success Finder (TSF). Months ago, we connected collab land with The Success Finder hoping they would be able to work together to create something unique for TGA and other projects with similar value. Over the past couple of years, The Success Finder has been communicative/receptive to the complaints we have had about telegram, discord, etc. While telegram and discord are both fairly intuitive, they also carry a tremendous risk to holders and, consequently, projects. 

Even though more projects are working harder to educate their investors, the risk is still too high for us to actively bring our largest investors, biggest supporters and friends into these channels for various reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Fake groups being created.
  • Members being added to fake groups without their knowledge.
  • Fake accounts being made, often nearly identical to real accounts.
  • These fake accounts messaging members of a community acting as a team member or project owner.

This results in people getting their assets stolen from them, which hurts them and since the assets are often immediately liquidated it also impacts the projects they are part of.

The Guardian Academy x The Success Finder collaboration has been focused on mitigating the risk by eliminating the options/ways in which a person can create fake accounts, send unsolicited messages or add anyone to groups without their knowledge. In fact, none of that can be done on the platform. 

This makes us much more comfortable inviting our investors, supporters and friends into the community – especially if they are not experienced crypto investors. Inside the Success Finder will be the full TGA syllabus, presented in a way that protects people just learning the ropes. As they get comfortable with the safety and security protocols and learn how the web 3 space works they will likely become valuable contributors to the web 3 community. 

The Guardian Academy community in the Success Finder can be found right here.

Since mitigating risk is one of our priorities, we will not rush everyone over there, the discord will continue to be updated as we slowly move stuff over to the TSF as a safer place for onboarding new members. 

Even though it was built from the ground up (bottom → up) we will likely onboard tiers top→down so that the team, and Guardians understand how it works first and can help onboard the other tiers if they prefer the Success Finder experience.


TGA community in TSF

Safety and Security Documents

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