The Master Key Of Wisdom- Chapter 1

Jun 22, 2023 | The Vault

This is a recap of the follow up call for the Guardian Academy (TGA) and the Wolf Den members featuring Grand Master Mike and Master Jason, discussing “The Master Key of Wisdom.”

This topic serves as the foundation of the Wolf Pup background colors and the motto of TGA: “Live to Learn, Give to Earn.”

If you missed the first call be sure to revisit this article in order to get oriented with the background before listening in to this call below:

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Dragonfly Reflection

The master poses the following questions to the student:

  1. How long have you known yourself?
  2. How do you look?
  3. How do you look with your eyes closed?

When you close your eyes, you often see darkness. Additionally, random images may appear as your mind races. Through the practice of meditation and breath work, this experience of darkness and random imagery will diminish, eventually revealing a primary image of white.

The initial step is to gain a clear understanding of oneself, knowing who you truly are, and learning how to honor your own constitution being based on the 5 Element Theory.

By eliminating the excess mental noise, you will be able to perceive your true essence.

The Diamond

Your body can be likened to a uniquely carved and beautiful crystal glass, which, like everything on Earth, has imperfections. Imperfection is a prerequisite for infinite divisibility. Consider the countless blades of grass on Earth—each one is distinct. Often, we focus on and criticize our imperfections, yet these imperfections are an inherent part of existence

Your life force energy, also known as Chi, is symbolized by the water filling the glass. Over time, this life force gradually diminishes, rendering your body unstable. However, this very structure is essential as a vessel for consciousness. The diamond represents consciousness, which is placed within the vessel, followed by a pinch of dirt symbolizing the mind.

Many individuals constantly experience anxiety or depression because they identify themselves solely with the unstable body, the depleting life force, or the turbid nature of the mind. Cultivation and clarity arise from cultivating tranquility through the practice of sitting and focusing the mind. By clearing the mind, you are left with the diamond—the essence of your being. The diamond has always been a part of you, obscured only by the mind. This practice of creating space through reflection is an ongoing process, leading to increased clarity and stability.

As individuals undertake this exercise and close their eyes, they may initially perceive nothingness—an absence of self. Their self-image becomes a fleeting shadow, and they remain unaware of their true selves. Even worse, they are unaware of their lack of self-awareness.

Like A Mountain

You are your own Guard. You can protect yourself from being influenced or losing yourself. You lose your powers if you end up falling into labels and being divided.

The purpose of labels such as belonging to a minority group or a specific political party is to weaken individuals and strengthen collective identities. However, if you truly know yourself, you become like a mountain that cannot be easily manipulated or swayed. You no longer cling tightly to labels or fear losing approval or appreciation. The need for validation from others diminishes because you have found validation within yourself. Ultimately, your identity is based on what you have earned, not in terms of material wealth, but through the removal of suffering and the accumulation of spiritual merit.

Life is about earning, and the first step is to learn and apply these lessons to yourself. By addressing your own suffering and inner turmoil, you can alleviate suffering in the world around you. The faster you can improve yourself, the more you can give to others without taking from them.

Is your behavior adhering to your highest potential and true nature? It’s not what you know that will change your life it’s what you will become.

Ego Death

Looking at oneself is often the most challenging task. It’s relatively easy to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in others, but self-reflection can be difficult. To grow and develop, we must be willing to shine the light of awareness on ourselves and honestly acknowledge what we discover, free from judgment. Changing one’s physical body is often easier than transforming the mind and overcoming ego.

If someone who doesn’t know us well were to say, “You’re a little pretentious, delusional, you greatly overestimate your knowledge and value, and you create more suffering than good,” these words may ring true but are rarely kind. They could potentially trigger a downward spiral of ego-related turmoil. In contrast, comments about the body, such as “Your hamstrings are tight,” usually prompt us to seek a solution. We readily identify areas that are not functioning optimally and work to improve them without it crushing our ego.

This helps you to develop confidence in yourself and the process as you continue to make improvements. You start to get good at being bad at things. As you keep with this process you start to develop the sense of seeing your own nature.

We hope you have enjoyed this second part of the conversation of the Master Key Of Wisdom.

To delve deeper into this process, you have two options. Firstly, Grand Master Mike and Master Jason Campbell are present at all Gray Wolf Labs live events. You can check out the latest event and sign up for updates on upcoming events through the following link:

Alternatively, if you believe you would be a good fit, you can open a help desk ticket in the TGA Discord and tag Nic. Here is the link to the Discord server:

We hope you enjoyed this recap and wish you continued growth and wisdom on your journey.

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