Can You “Engineer” Luck?

Oct 12, 2022 | Capstones & Spotlight

This is a Capstone Project from a member within The Guardian Academy (TGA) who also happens to be a Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) holder #17. A capstone is one of the requirements necessary for an individual to complete on their journey to ascend to the final tier of TGA, Guardian To learn more about what a Capstone Project is you can read more about it here.

In this Capstone, WDWP #17 talks about his experiences in Crypto and how he took the lessons he learned and adopted it to his real life endeavors truly helping to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. If you find this useful we’d love for you to share your thoughts with us and the author, the twitter links will be posted at the end of the article. Enjoy!

WOLF DEN, you have taught me a very special lesson, and I’m going to share with you today what that lesson was.

My name is Malek. Even though I came into crypto, nfts, and web3 with no intention to use my Personal Development skills to educate, I found it to be the most effective way for me to reach my goals. Not only that, but to inspire and educate more leaders in order for me & everyone that I surround myself with to benefit.

I found out about $GUARD & $KNIGHT last year (December of 2021). I still laugh about the way I decided to enter the community and BASE CASING. A friend of mine and yours was someone that I worked with on another project, and we consider ourselves twins given the similarities in our character. So when he asked me to check out $GUARD & $KNIGHT, I won’t lie… I didn’t. 

That was my first mistake that led me to be a better person. 

I “aped” into knight at a high price. And i was frustrated in the first few weeks, but then I thought to myself “There is no way in heck i was going to sell at a loss”, so i figured “why not go into the community and see what those guys are doing”

I was shocked to learn about the “no marketing and mass exposure” technique. I come from a marketing background like many of you, and that didn’t sit right with me. But the more I looked around in the community, the more I saw people enjoying their time, and creating a solid connection that I was certain was going to last a lifetime.

I thought to myself “they must be doing something right”… I knew that was the case when everyone looking from the outside said “this is the wrong way of doing this”, yet their results kept showing the opposite. Whatever those guys were doing was working.. And it was working well. 

How did I come to the conclusion that it was working?

People were showing up to calls, and communicating effectively. I thought it was ironic since they chose no “marketing”, yet between themselves they had very great communication. I started getting involved. And the first thing I heard was “Solvable problem”. Everyone was talking about their solvable problem and I knew that was the direction I needed to take myself to.

As soon as I learned and figured out my solvable problem, I started seeing things I was doing wrong… Did I really NEED TO FOMO into $KNIGHT? No… I really didn’t. 

Understanding what my solvable problem was allowed me to connect with my purpose at a very high level with a lot more understanding of “what I want and when I want it by”. I knew I wanted riches, but I discovered I needed wealth. 

I discovered I really needed wealth in knowledge before I could be rich financially. I created my first basecase and I started getting closer to my goals. I was now on my way to creating riches, but needed to figure out a way to create wealth in knowledge. There was a lot of content already made for the Wolf Den at that point, so I started consuming everything. I think I spent no less than 30 hours consuming information before the light bulb turned on… 

The Wolf Den & The Guardian Academy (TGA) teaches a lot about human behaviour and why people do things the way they do. This has always fascinated me given I made some really horrible decisions early in my life. It was part of why I became a personal development coach. I knew I had a lot to offer, I just didn’t know I could bring it into what I do in crypto. 

Luckily I was an admin in a large community, and what the Wolf Den was teaching about human behaviour was happening right in front of me in my own community. I saw people making the decisions I was making but from what now was a different perspective and different eyes. I saw people making the same mistakes I was making and it blew my mind because I would have never stopped making those mistakes if it weren’t for understanding myself, my solvable problem, why I was behaving the way I was behaving. 

Now I have a solvable problem…

And I had enough knowledge to start building my wealth of knowledge. 

But I wasn’t going to create that much difference in my life by “consuming information”. I needed to put everything into action, and I started asking myself what can I bring to crypto that is different from what others have. I decided to break down the behaviour of people in my community. It was amazing because most had the same “vision”(get rich quick), but all were behaving differently. 

I started documenting everything. 

If I created an activity for the community, I recorded how each person reacted to the activity. If the price of the coin went up, I recorded the reactions and behaviours of the community. 

Within 3 months, I noticed a pattern in all of these behaviours. There were more than one profile. This pattern helped me create 5 different “investor profiles”. Each profile is based on the characters of that specific user, their behaviour when they do something “they enjoy”, and their behaviour when they get hit with something they didn’t like. 

These 5 profiles are how I personally found my audience in web3 and crypto. I didn’t want the “moon boy” to connect with.. Those guys were very emotional and would have probably affected my behaviour with time… 

The profile that I wanted to connect with was the most unique profile out of all 5. 

They were patient. They knew exactly what they wanted. They aligned their timeline with the projects rather than assuming the project to align their timeline with theirs.

Those were listeners and observers. And what I loved most about them is that they always wanted to learn more, and listen more. I tried to think of a way to bring more value to them, & I noticed that they really got a lot from my coaching. They connected with me as I turned from an “observer and content consumer” to an educator. 

I used the Wolf Den & TGA principles in my coaching. The more I did that, the more lives I was changing.

Fast forward to today, I am advising and working with multiple communities, educating the masses, and in the process I am constantly growing. And just like the Wolf Den gave me something that i could use to better myself, I decided to give something back to communities like the Wolf Den, or at least communities who can become LIKE THE WOLF DEN. 

Documenting my journey has helped me to understand my communities on a very high and a personal level. It wasn’t long before I recognized a problem in web3 communities.. 

They are mostly built with the wrong intention and purpose in mind… It was now my time to become the creator and the builder. I have always wanted to contribute to the success of technology, but did not have the background to be a developer or a technology creator. I did have the background to be a community builder though… and that is exactly what I am contributing to web3.

This is my contribution.

This is what the Wolf Den has led me to. 

This is why I am grateful.

I am now using everything I have learned in my life, and with implementing the principles I learned in the Wolf Den and TGA, I created a bridge for the gap between web2 and web3

You have indirectly inspired me to be more than just a consumer. I am now a contributor and a web3 builder… without the tech background. Just the human connection.

Everything I have done in the past has led me to the Wolf Den community… and now I am continuing my journey with a bigger purpose and a bigger goal.

Riches & wealth is being built.

This is what I am here to do. 

Keep your eyes open… I am nowhere near done yet 

WDWP #17


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