Transcending Your Comfort Zone (Guest Article By WDWP #1)

Dec 4, 2022 | Guest Articles

You can learn a lot about human nature if you simply observe crypto communities during a peak of euphoria and FOMO and then watch to see what happens as the peaks eventually (or quickly) turn into valleys. However, what has been created within The Guardian Academy (TGA) during a year (plus) of fear and uncertainty is something completely different from any other crypto community that I have experienced. One aspect of this difference being many members within the community embodying the saying of “Live to Learn, Give To Earn.” As they create they also turn around and share their wisdom to the collective so that the entirety of the community may benefit.

This will be a write up of Wolf Den Wolf Pup (WDWP) #1 “Doc” and his thoughts from the last Wolf Den live event for 2022, Gray Wolf Summit Day 2, specifically on the panel of Jay Abraham, Joe Polish, and Nic Peterson. The link to the replays from the summit are accessible for Wolf Den Wolf Pup NFT holders and Guardians of TGA. I’ll leave a link down in the resources section for both.

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    When The Introduction Of Giants Presents You With Gems

    It’s one thing to read about and gain information from giants in an industry through a book. It takes another micro-commitment to go and listen to them speak, and another to synthesize the information and value they bring to utilize it in some actionable way within your life. Small, frequent actionable items integrated into your life over the course of years will be transformative. Let’s dive into the content…

    I gotta say every introduction from Jeff Moore that I’ve heard has just been phenomenal.

    His introduction for Jay Abraham could be expanded into a talk on its own.

    Here’s a cool gem that I picked up from Jeff’s intro.

    If you have a product that you are trying to market or build (better) to compete against an existing product, head over to Amazon reviews or wherever the marketplace you are planning to utilize and look at the 4 and 1 star ratings for that product. From a marketing standpoint it’s brilliant you can create entire campaigns on the good reviews and ensure that the 1 star issues are something your product doesn’t have.

    In my case, because I am writing a children’s book I can look at popular children’s books.

    4 Star Reviews

    1 Star Reviews

    What I found out doing this process on many books is that you’ll always have a critic and there is no perfect product.

    These reviews can potentially spin you out if it is your product and people rate you negatively, throwing you off your game. If you are the type that can utilize that criticism (constructive or not) effectively or have a team that is monitoring it could potentially help you find “leaky buckets” to plug up.

    Sometimes you’ll just have people that want to criticize and complain regardless.

    Surprisingly, this isn’t an uncommon type of comment.

    Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Panel

    Before I go further into this article you can have a watch through these small highlight reels I found of the three individuals who were up on stage presenting the information.

    Jay Abraham

    Joe Polish

    Nic Peterson

    Don’t Blow Yourself Up

    This is a reoccurring theme within TGA ecosystem. Crypto has so much potential upside…How do you lose? You blow yourself up and leave the game.

    The Ego is the biggest nemesis. People starting out in their careers usually have this drive to help and serve the people within their community and audience. However, as they became bigger and realized more success, they became more arrogant and contemptuous of their audience.

    Jay Abraham gives an example where he spoke at a top spiritual guru’s event.

    As he was making his way around the tables to meet and connect with the attendees, what do you think the reoccurring question that came up was?

    “How do I go from $19 to $25,000?”


    “How do I add more value?”
    “Touch the lives of more people?”
    “Help people live a healthier, more purposeful life?”

    In the crypto space blowing yourself up can mean losing your money due to unfortunate events like Luna, FTX, BlockFi, etc. It can also be interpreted as losing yourself and in that process getting further from what you want out of life. I’ll use a common example that I see:

    You want to become rich so that you can spend more time with your kids and significant other (this is what you say getting “closer” means to you).

    You test out crypto because everyone is getting rich.

    You spend more hours after work and during work trying to “make it” with crypto, wanting to press every button and make every trade. You win the first couple and you develop confidence so you bet bigger and because the market loves fresh meat and knows exactly how to reel you in… You get chewed up and spit out and now you’re in the red.

    Now the asymmetry went from biasing upside to all downside as you spend even more time just trying to get back to neutral.

    Ultimately, you ended up getting further from what you said you wanted in life.

    My Key Takeaway- Be very cautious of yourself. A quick way of blowing yourself up is allowing yourself to become toxified and lose your focus (of getting closer).

    3 P’s In Life: Purpose, Passion, Possibility

    There are a ton of nice quotes in this section. I challenge each of you to pick one and see how it is applicable in your life.

    Purpose– What drives you? Who/what do you stand for? (If this changes to money driven, you lose your value to society).

    Passion– A passion to connect initially, but it has a bad way of transforming itself into avarice.

    Possibility– There are endless possibilities and choices if you are in a position to be receptive to them.

    These next two quotes were from mentors of Jay Abraham:

    You can lose all your money and if you keep your integrity there will always be someone who will back you. If you try and keep your money and lose your integrity you’ll never get it back.

    You are rewarded in your life in proportion to the quality, quantity, and consistency of problems you solve and opportunities you make possible and the opportunities you make are for others, not yourself.

    Sounds a lot like something TGA has been covering huh?

    Something along the lines of “Live to Learn, Give to Earn” maybe…

    This one below was from a therapist Jay Abraham was seeing:

    Most people in life are obsessed with the end product. The process is what life is all about.

    You want 1 million-1 trillion dollars, you want the hottest wife, the biggest eggplant, the cars, and all the “stuff”.

    If you think that after achieving and getting all the material things and “stuff” that happiness will rain down upon you and the heavens will open up…

    You’re gonna be in for a real rude awakening.

    I believe every time you interact with any person for any reason for any amount of time even for minutes. Your job is to make them better off because you were in their life.

    Fran Tarkenton

    Do good in the world and be a good human being.

    Human beings need to be acknowledged, learn how to listen, and to be in the moment.

    The world doesn’t care if you’re down for the count or if you bounce back with a vengeance. 2% of the events that happen in your life are acts of god. 98% of the other actions are a result of the decisions you make, actions you take or don’t. Mistakes are often due to impulsiveness, the lack of due diligence (not a one time thing)

    Jay Abraham

    Those that are in TGA or The Wolf Den should have heard this plenty of times, “Slow down.”

    “When I fuck up usually I go into the bathroom and point at the culprit.”

    Jay Abraham

    Windows and mirrors eh?

    We don’t take the time to learn, the more knowledge you have from outside the industry the more power you have. When you look at a 1000 industries you have a context of understanding much broader possibilities, strategies, business models, etc. but you also understand the human condition from several vantage points. Learn what you are uncomfortable with.

    Jay Abraham

    My Key Takeaway- Although there are inherent challenges within each industry there are fundamental truths that can be applied regardless of the domain you are in, which if you have an understanding in will allow you to have a better chance of success. This is because every industry will have a human component to it and if you can become a better human, you’ll be more likely to succeed in whatever domain you decide to tackle.

    Transcending Your Comfort Zone

    “It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the jar”

    Joe Polish shared this

    How can you get out of the jar and look at things differently?

    If you live within your own world, you can’t see what your customer’s see because they won’t see your world, they’ll see theirs.

    An example Jay utilized of how he helped individuals transcend their comfort zone was by forcing them to read about and study something completely different from their domain and interests.

    Example) If your passion is fly fishing, Jay would send the person a book on cake making and have them report back 1-2 distinctions that were fascinating and in doing so they could see an application in their passion.

    Most people don’t learn from the giants (they may read the books), hear people speak, but they don’t actually apply it into their life (learn to live).

    If there are 100 people in a room, 99% of the people are interpreting what Jay is saying differently. Not good or bad but they are interpreting it through their experiences, their definitions, etc.

    See how wisdom comes from multiple perspectives and what power 6WU can bring?

    My Key Takeaway– Our job in life is to examine, evaluate, understand, appreciate, and acknowledge how other people see life. Before you can get them to see your perspective they have to believe you can see theirs.

    What Is Value?

    Value starts with creating desirability and this can be many things, you have to figure out what someone really desires.

    Jay Abraham

    What does someone want to be associated with?

    Would you like to know the formula to know how much you charge for X?

    It’s based off your ability to sell it. Selling is influence, marketing is story telling. If you tell a better story you’ll enroll more people.

    A compelling author is 10 x more powerful than a convincing argument.

    Dean Jackson

    If what you are marketing does not offer value, strongly reconsider what you are doing, how you are doing it, and if it does offer value there is no shame in being richly rewarded for it as long as it is enriching someone else’s life.

    Is this goal worthy of me? Am I contributing to the extent that I can?

    Why Isn’t Everyone Achieving “Greatness”

    People are programmed inherently for greatness, yet many don’t ever become great and they stay mediocre. Why?

    4 Reasons Why

    1. No one knows what “greatness” is supposed to feel like and they don’t strive to figure it out externally.
    2. They don’t gauge where they are.
    3. If they do figure out where they are they want to be an olympic pole vaulter the first time (no micro stepping).
    4. When they fail they retreat back to status quo and stop trying.

    Think of kids when they first start walking they are horrible and if there is no one there to continue to encourage them to keep going and help them they won’t learn how to do it. As an adult, you don’t have this in your life.

    You need to have vulnerability, to understand that no one is perfect (if you think you are, sorry to break it to you) and because no one is perfect, everyone will fail at some point. What determines the people who ultimately end up winning is what happens during these failures.

    Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and enjoy the process.

    Wisdom Comes From Multiple Perspectives

    If you made it down here, thanks for reading my thoughts. I hope you were able to take away something from my addition to TGA’s body of knowledge, if you did all I ask is that you turn around and share your wisdom with someone else.


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