Why Becoming a Guardian Is a Priority For Me

Mar 14, 2023 | Capstones & Spotlight

This article is written by Scott Perry, a leader within the Guardian Academy (TGA), explaining why he wants to join the Guardian tier. You can also watch his Capstone project, “The Power (And Perils) Of A Decentralized Community” which is linked in this article.

The trajectory of life makes more sense when glancing at the rearview mirror from time to time rather than remaining fixated on what’s beyond my windshield.

Becoming a Guardian is a beyond the windshield goal I could not see a few months ago. But it makes complete sense as a priority now when I glance at my rearview mirror.

The Path To Now

Developing my potential, serving others, and making a difference are motivations tied to some of my earliest memories.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was the first book I read as a child that I found myself repeatedly reading because of its themes of self-improvement and self-education.

Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and The Bhagavad Gita have been constant companions since they were introduced to me in the 7th grade because the themes of compassion, character, and calling resonated strongly.

The themes in all these works (and many others) have informed and inspired a journey of leading and serving from the inside out as a son, sibling, husband, parent, and grandparent as well as what I’ve done to  make a living doing meaningful work  as a teacher, musician, and coach. 

The Path Now

Education: I’ve absorbed, adopted, and activated the Guardian principles and practices through multi-loop learning and application (in addition to sharing and citing them in blog posts, YouTube videos, a book, and my Coaching Business Diagnostic course inside Success Finder.

Contribution: I served on the Personal Development Council’s first team and received recognition for my collaboration with Nicole Richards for our weekly Wolf Den amphitheater sessions and Twitter space jams about Guardian Academy syllabus topics.

Complimentary copies of my book and access to the complete Coaching Business Prescription course are available to Guardian Bronze Medallion and Wolf Pup holders.

In addition to Dan Nicholson, Guardians Laurel Portié and Jake Anderson have been featured guests on my weekly broadcast (with more to come).

Patience: I acquired my first Bronze Guardian and am farming for my second and third. I will continue working through the tiers through the established path.

I also established and maintain a GUARD BUSD liquidity pair.

Capstone: My Capstone was published on January 2nd of this year.

The Next Path?

So why do I seek Guardian designation?

Access to the weekly Guardian calls and the insights and inspiration delivered by the leadership team are a motivation.

Another is closer proximity and connection to Guardians for more impactful collaboration and catalyzing the community’s reach, resilience, and impact.

Learning, serving, and promoting the Guardian mission aligns with who I am and amplifies my personal mission to work to make things better in the community.

Becoming a Guardian is a priority so that I can add my talents, abilities, assets, and attitude as a force multiplier and additional leverage to the Guardian community to help ratchet the Guardian cause onward.

Thanks for your consideration!

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